Has anyone tested Carnage Amatsu+Spurn+Speed Smoke 4 yet?

Since Yen’fay got released we have seen his being able to use Spurn together with his weapon to acquire cirka 64% damage reduction.
Has anyone tested it combined with the new Speed Smoke 4 “dodge buff” as well?
Are we looking at even more damage reduction? xD


I don’t have a built Yen’fay (chose NY Kyza instead) but it should work

The only issue is that I only see it being viable for PvE and low rank Arena/AR. Duo Chrom is way too popular and widespread in high level play for Spd based DR to work; and there’s no NFU on this build so you go buh-bye to that Deadeye whether he uses To Change Fate or not


And low rank Arena (where I’m lurking xD) has Y!Innes everywhere.
I’ve had Yen’fay on my Arena core for exactly one day… best investment ever.


I imagine it’s not too different from the Yen’fay that I run. Amatsu, Spurn, and Flayn.

Most all damage he takes is single-digit. It takes a real nuke to hit him for 2.


Right, Mininess is a big problem too; I just haven’t seen one in a while

Really crazy how well that kiddo has aged for an offensive unit


Probably because 175/180 for scoring isn’t cutting it anymore.
But since that is my average score I still see him all the time.


Ehehe, well the fact that the last three times I played for keeps in Arena was Earth season, my highest scoring season, helps too

But oof, RIP your Yen’fay investment. I haven’t seen any of him in a while in Arena, either. I think I made the right choice picking NY Kyza over him–they have their weaknesses too, but can Yen’fay bait Lynja and take 0 damage? Didn’t think so


Yes it should work. As long as you don’t face deadeye and the likes he can sit on a defense tile and just tank the whole feh roster.

How much DR would that be anyways? 90%? That’s just crazy


I never built any red sword infantry before and I have >5k grails so it’s all good. I can use him in Mjolnir Strike lol


Stacking three Dodge skills means you take 0.6^3 or 21.6% of the normal damage

It comes to 78.4% DR

Like I said, very nice skill for PvE. But DR piercing is used far too much in competitive modes for it to be of any use there. Deadeye Chrom, Lethality Yuri, and Mininess go brrrrr


Oh yeah, he’ll be nice there

I have Chrom and Rutger +10 so I saw no need for another DR sword


@argenmendon has one he uses competivly. He has advice.

Theres 2 counters to it in the entire game. Seems kinda weak if a player cant get around them… With a skill known as… Dont stand in front of x units special

But this is 2022. Players are bad at game.


works extremely well, don’t even mind being used whit Flayn.
is it be overkill? at times
will NFU perform better? yes and no. some match-ups yes, some no. depends on build, and team comp mostly. but in general I would and does run NFU, BUT only if I got Flayn whit him.

carnage 0,600 1,667 0,667
dodge 0,360 2,778 1,111
spurn 0,216 4,630 1,852
flayn 0,151 6,614 1,984
carnage 0,600 1,667 0,667
dodge 0,360 2,778 1,111
flayn 0,252 3,968 1,190


I can also recommend running him whit Muspell, due to how DR stacks whit HP, and therefor also healing. I would recommend noontime whit darting breath in S-Slot. and this is where Muspell is fantastic, he increases our dmg making a dmg special not as needed, and the extra dmg from muspell is used for noontime, increasing our healing aswell.

and like @supersoren pointed out, the counters are not that many, and the few that do exists, can be played around.

personally i use him in PvE and AR-O,light season.
reasons to run NFU is Brami and V!Lif. while there are other units how has guaranteed follow ups, or more importantly negate our follow up. these units gets one-shotted and it does not matter if we don’t get another attack or they get two, since the one-shot will negate that problem anyway.
and real reason Brami and V!Lif are problems is that they cup part of our DR, Flayn is cut from Brami. and V!Lif just cut in general.
where as against all other units. the extra mitigation from spurn over NFU, will reduce about as much dmg from the first and second swing as the first swing whit NFU.
effective HP multiplyer from full DR buff (85%) is 661.4%, and if we run NFU it is (74,8%) is 396.8%
meaning spurn over NFU nets us a effective HP multiplier increase of 264.6%.
so the few matchups where NFU is better do exist, but spurn will still perform.
where as in ALL OTHER matches sprun will out value NFU by far.
and for the same reason Muspell is good the 5 extra dmg from spurn is not nothing.
all in all both NFU and Spurn both got greate usage, and if you can give him both I highely recomend giving him both, and play around whit them in mock battles to see which one you prefer.

if you can’t give both, spurn will still perform, but depending on team comp, NFU might be better


Don’t forget Vital Astra


Yen-fy is t4 trash. Wdym hes competive. Dummy. Peanut. Dumping you for using trash.


As someone who lives in the US, this post is overheating my brain having to change all those commas to decimals


Its why hes been dumped. To much math. Im just a ■■■■■■■■ american. He uses things like. M2… And Dl.


it is neat, but i don’t deem it a necessity, a bit inconsistent. ( which is why I didn’t pull for it to give him) and whit out any other source of healing he will not perform to well in an extended battle. if you have another source of acceleration, darting breath in A-slot, or support from Tor/B!Lucina, running mystic boost is an option. but in general I would not reccomend.

unless your post was in respond to OP for an absurd amount of DR then ya, Vital Astra does that to


to be fair I think the commas in math is only used in Sweden, might be wrong. but I think most if not all other countries don’t use commas.

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sorry for using silly measurements. do you prefer I use freedom per yeehaa, or glazed donuts per bald eagle? can also do oil barrel per football field but that requires a bit of extra work from my end to convert.