Has anyone worked out the raid achievement logic yet?

When these achievements came out with the Together we Raid update I was quite excited, Ive always wanted to know if my teams really are as good as I think they are. There appears to be a weird logic at play behind the scenes. Notable examples:

  1. Furthest distance going to local players
  2. Most damage going to very low level players
  3. Style award going to unchanged/boring avatars
  4. Less certain but I’m sure I’ve thrown more charge moves than the winner of that achievement.

It’s clear there’s only one achievement each per raid, but I’ve read early theories that there’s a hierarchy; last strike always gets awarded, for some reason style seems to be high on the list but, seriously, I’ve won it loads and I never change my avatar, then it gets a bit messy after that.

Anyone got any more concrete leads/theories than that? It kind of diminishes the satisfaction of getting most damage when you know there’s always the chance 2,3 or 4 players potentially did more damage than you.

I think that the achievement thing is mostly to encourage newer players to keep playing the game, but there may be some secret algorithm that nobody knows about.

The most damage thing seemed ok, but often it doesn’t appear at all. The rest seem a bit random.

Good point, I imagine it’ll cause some arguments though; “see, I told you the autoselect knows what it’s doing!!!”

Ah yes 6 slakings is always the best team to raid deoxsys defense. Makes sense to me!

Yep, several of the raid achievements seem random at times. Style Savant is for sure. I’ve seen people win that achievement when their avatars are pose-less and wearing the clothes they started the game with, while in lobbies full of other players with the paid/event/PvP poses and clothes.

Here’s some other oddballs I’ve noticed.

Hardest Hitter: this one seems spot-on most times, but I was awarded this the other day when I got an important phonecall mid-raid. Literally spent half the raid doing absolutely no damage, and still got it. And it’s not like I was in a raid battle with squads of Aggrons either.

The Big One: this one confuses me. Some have speculated that it looks for the tallest Mon, but I’ve seen people try to cheese this achievement by bringing Alolan Exeggutors and Wailords without success. Others think it looks for the tallest Mon amongst its species, but I’ve received it when using a team of Mons that are either average size or XS. I’ve also heard it could be CP-related, but my buddy with his lvl 50 Slaking (yes, he has one) has yet to get this achievement even though he brings the thing to almost every raid in the last spot.

Mega Master: when Mewtwo was out, I was raiding with some friends pretty heavily one day, and led each battle with Mega Houndoom. Other lobbies had Mega Gengar/Gyarados as well. Not a single person got that achievement the whole day.

Hardest Hitter: this one seems spot-on most times, but I was awarded this the other day when I got an important phonecall mid-raid. Literally spent half the raid doing absolutely no damage, and still got it

I’m speculating that this comes third or fourth, so if you don’t do the last attack, win the style lottery or maybe the charged attacks then you win hardest hitter.

I think it annoys me most that they’ve obviously done the work behind the scenes to do some of the maths, but then in true niantic style been half-arsed with the execution.

Hey ho, it’s not the end of the world.

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This isn’t terribly relevant to your question, but on the first day of Go Fest I did a deino raid that ended up having 20 people in the lobby and it went down in about 3 seconds. The achievements on that one were funny. “X person did 54 damage!” “Y person battled for 2 seconds!”


That’s probably the best thing about it, just how ridiculous can you get? At least it makes you laugh, which is always good.

I had to laugh when a local friend, lives about 3km away, won the “distance” award when another friend from San Francisco was in the raid.

I might try getting a few friends to join t1, only one of us battle (hence automatically winning the last strike award) and watching the other award get awarded the others for doing zero damage and throwing zero charge moves.

Going to drop in on this madness myself with a couple observations and a theory:

Seems like the number of awards never exceeds the number of raiders and no one gets more than one award. Presumably there is therefore an order in which awards are calculated, whether starting at “Last hit” or “highest damage”, IDK.

Therefore, you could have someone get “Mega Master” but also have the most expensive clothes (equipped? purchased? IDK) but since they already got an award, the “Style Savant” award goes to whoever has the most expensive costume and hasn’t already gotten an award. Hey-ho it goes to the n00b in default costume. :medal_sports: Probably the idea being something like: EVERYBODY GETS A PRIZE. But that’s none of my business.

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Yeah, I love getting the stamina achievement in a T1 raid with 15 people.

My guess is they are awarded in the order they appear in the screen (wild guess based on the laziness of the programmer).

In a 3* raid I just did my two accounts got style savant and last strike. The third player with a much worst squad got the most damage.

My alt regularly gets the most damage when we duo a raid just because my main gets some of the other prizes.

Hopefully at some point Niantic will display a list with the damage made by each player in a raid and then people will ditch the recommended teams and power up some useful raiding mons.

I took all the clothes possible from my alt and it still can get the style savant.

It would be nice if they upgraded and finessed it a bit, but I suspect it’ll be very much an afterthought if it ever happens at all.

What I would like is a warning message for people who do not hit according to their level:

1st message: “Your squad did very little damage, you should consider powering up some pokemon and not using the recommended team”

2nd message: “We have noticed you continue using mighty Aggron, although it lasted very long in the battle it only did xxx% of the damage expected for somebody at your level, please stop hoarding stardust and make a battle team when a legendary is going to be there for a whole week”

3rd message: “You are a lazy bas…INSERT FOLLOW UP MESSAGE” (Eg: “Why not save the DB dragonite for PVP”, “The highest CP pokemon isn’t always the best”, “DPS is also important”)


Somewhere in there should also be “Just because it’s a Legendary doesn’t make it good”

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Literally spent half the raid doing absolutely no damage, and still got it. And it’s not like I was in a raid battle with squads of Aggrons either.

How many damage did you do there? I usually get around slightly more than the average no. of people (such as 1000 in a 15 man raid in a T5) if it happens, the exact damage dealt is around 1400-1500-ish.

I honestly don’t remember how much damage I contributed. Just didn’t expect to be awarded the hardest hitter achievement when I spent half the raid doing absolutely nothing. :joy:

And this is why the achievements truly make no sense🤣

I had this from a Klink raid yesterday. The Conkeldurr just hit once intentionally.

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Might see if I can get 1 damage, use a level 1 weedle or something?