Has arena become less fun than arena assault?

  • Arena is more fun
  • Arena assault is more fun

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I don’t like arena. It is way too hard even with the addition of the free loss wipe. The scoring system sucks. The F2P units they give you to fight against hyper mobile, tanky units don’t cut it.

Arena assault only sucks for the first match. After that, it’s skill based and actually rewarding. When I finish an arena assault run, I feel like I did so with skill. When I finish an arena run, it feels like I got lucky.


They both suck.


I don’l like either of them and I only play them for the rewards.

If I have to choose I prefer Arena as for me is less stressful than the 7 matches of AA.


The only true answer. But AA is slightly less crappy.


Both are crap, but I prefer arena because 5 matches are better than 7. Also orbs.


Yeah, I can at least tolerate Arena, even if it’s just T19-20 hopping

Intermediate is my limit for AA. It’s just wave after wave after wave of bullcrap otherwise. I don’t have the barracks to take on 7 consecutive teams of the most BS units in the game when I’m not allowed to repeat units


That’s like asking if it’d be harder to cut off the left hand or the right. Technically I’m right handed so that one’s worse but are we going to pretend that makes the other a good option? Neither is fun.

I’d personally say Arena Assault is better, if only because it’s not based entirely on a dead play style.

Both demand high scoring for a team, but Arena demands it in every match, compared to AA only needing it once at the outset. Clear that first round and it’s all shenanigans from there. Arena is terrible because it’s outdated. Scoring is based off SP and BST, and that system at least made some sense in the era of armors, but nowadays it’s all Duos and Legends with adjusted BST who can do whatever, and Rallies are more useless than ever thanks to how prevalent removal of buffs is as an effect. But we still have to run the same bad skills just to score well in Arena every single match. At least AA let’s me use whoever I want after one match of setup.


I would say that AA sucks more because how long the game mode is with so little in rewards. I would say both modes have gotten much worse with the inclusion of high movement units and dancers. You have to predict AI on turn one in some cases.


It’s happened to me a few times in AA that I run consecutive matches against +10 FEdelgards. I have like 2 or 3 counters to her but after that I’m basicaly set to lose.


AA is omega dope


Yeah I echo what Luna said and the only fun I get out of arena assault is how creative some teams be.


AA teaches you to use unconventional units and teams to beat the meta. I’ve realized how well some random units are at killing save armors and how well they tank DuoLif, Gurd, and LynJa in AA.

That and AA doesn’t have an arbitrary currency (crests) to use up in order to participate.


Was looking for this option on the poll but couldn’t find it.


Both are trash but I at least have motivation to play arena so



its like choosing between a gas station bathroom or a construction site one, I would rather make a hole in the ground and do my business, then cover it up with dirt rather than choosing between the two.
In arena to get full rewards you have to win the full 5 matches, on AA you have to win at least one just to get rewards so maybe AA is the better one of the two, still all the FEH modes are not fun to play for me.


Construction site bathrooms usually don’t have TP


That is why I always carry TP on my backpack, you never know when you will need it.


Also why I stuff my glovebox with paper towels from the warehouse. Has more than one use and no one would think to steal it unlike a roll of Charmin


I can skip AA with no meaningful consequences, if I skip arena I lose out on orbs and fruit :catroll:

I think both are roughly the same for me because my arena core is carried by N!Lyn, but AA is more skill based and I get to use a larger variety of units. I don’t actually struggle much with either.

But I’d rather do neither, and seeing as only one can be skipped, that means that the one I’m doing is less fun because I actually have to do it lol :catroll: