Has Bardock (red) aged?

So, I have been using this team in PvP for a while now.

This is a strike oriented Saiyan team with a great amount of synergy. That is the best Saiyan build I could make from my units. Now the thing is, I generally don’t use Bardock (red) in the core. He is a bench option (buffs strike attack) but at the same time, can be used to counter strong yellow units. Yeah, after getting pummeled by Z7 A18, Z7 DKP and Transforming Ssj Vegito, I realized a red unit was necessary here.
Since then, I have tested Bardock in multiple matches in Ranked PvP. Sadly, his damage potential wasn’t as great as it used to be. Back then, he would one hit K.O. any type neutral in his last Man standing state, but now, his damage in last Man standing felt, ‘Normal’. Since he doesn’t have any reliable defence buffs, he can easily be sent flying even post transformation. His pre transformation state is awful at this point. He has a 50% strike damage buff and that is it. He can easily be decimated by strong Blu units in this meta.
Do you all think that he has aged, or I am just being ungrateful in his kit?

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I wouldn’t say your being ungrateful, in fact I can totally see where your coming from. I’ve been using him a few times however and he’s been performing pretty well for me, mostly cause his Strike damage is still excellent, however I agree that he is outdated in a few aspects, he’s pretty fragile like you said, but his green card and blast cover help somewhat. Overall I think he’s an underrated unit and I still use him occasionally, and generally he’s a decent Red pick for a Saiyan team, but he has definitely aged and is most definitely past his prime like you said.
P.S. Just a piece of advice, I’d personally use SSG Shallot over Angryku for your Saiyan team. Despite him being blast-based, his Strike damage is still excellent as well, he is incredibly durable and provides a health Z-ability. An amazing unit with great damage output, and a great tank too.

Thanks for your analysis on Bardock, ZedGX. Angry Goku is there as a bench unit. He buffs 30% double attack for Saiyans and Super Saiyans. That is the reason he is there. I don’t use Shallot here because the purpose of this team is to deal pure strike damage (everyone here buffs strike damage except Z7 Goku). I don’t use Shallot much because in this hype offensive meta of Fusion Warriors, Androids and Hybrids, I don’t want to run a color neutral unit and also, shallot takes a while to get going. For my playstyle, all these units are better than shallot. Thanks for your advice by the way.

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Ah, I see, that makes sense. I wasn’t aware of Angryku’s double-offensive Z-ability, as I don’t have him personally. And your welcome :)