Has Blaziken's CD move been revealed yet?


really curious as to whether it will get blast burn or blaze kick, and if the latter, the details of said move


Blast Burn was confirmed via Pokemon Go’s twitter account.


I evolved one a year ago, it is a hundo, is there any way I can CTM it to the exclusive move and/or reroll it to a shiny?


Nope, you need to evolve a Combusken during the allocated time period in order to get the Legacy Move.

I am confused by when you say “reroll it to a shiny.” If it’s not shiny when you catch it, it cannot simply become a shiny. You have to catch shiny pokemon, you can’t turn pokemon into shiny’s.

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Well, the full answer is both.

On Community day, you can evolve to get Blast Burn (and presumably for another hour afterwards).

Further, starting from community day and going forward, you can get or TM to Blaze Kick.

Interesting. If this continues, then Swampert will get both Hydro Cannon (rubbing hands together with toothy grin) and Muddy Water, with HC being the CD move.


Just getting ahead of the pitch(es)…all kinds of people complained when Zapdos 2.0 was released. Pokedex says I’ve gotten 11 lucky torchic, so I guess one of those will have to do for the IV aspect. I really just want a perfect shiny, only got 98% shiny Dragonite and 98% shiny Zapdos 2.0


A perfect shiny is about as rare as things get in this game. I have one, a perfect shiny Latios as the result of a lucky friend trade, but I’ve yet to actually encounter and capture one in 140,000 catches.

As for Blaze Kick, anyone care to baselessly speculate how good it might be? My first inclination is that it will be a PvP-centric move. In the main series, it has an increased critical hit chance and can burn the opposing Mon. Since neither of these effects currently exist in Go, it will likely do something different (likely a debuff effect) unless Niantic actually decides that it’s time to implement critical hits and status conditions.


Those are my thoughts too. It would be a bit pointless to have it as a strong DPS move, even one that exceeds Overheat.

PvP-geared makes the most sense. I’m guessing something with a low-ish energy cost, perhaps also with a buff/debuff effect. In PvE, a 3-bar charge move so it’s differentiated from its other fire attacks.


I mean, why not both? Blaze Kick may not have been the strongest physical fire attack in the game but it wasn’t a slouch of a move by any means. Obviously that’s not an indicator for how good a move will be in Go, but the other moves recently added for PvP had relatively low base power in the main series, so there’s some comparison.

With ever-growing criticisms about Pokemon being nonviable without their CD moves it wouldn’t hurt them significantly to make it a “not the best but still fantastic” option. A Dynamic Punch clone puts its DPS squarely in the middle of Overheat and Blast Burn’s performance.

But hey, that’s me being optimistic. Like the recent Power-Up Punch, Acid Spray, and Leaf Tornado it could end up being a completely under powered PvE move with a focus on PvP effects.



It’s a fast move.

The release info doesn’t say whether it will be a charge attack or fast attack.


Power Up Punch is not very shabby when I used it on pve. I have that thing on my Lucario and it’s theoritically the same as close combat but it’s actually more flexible, I think around Rock Blast range. Cannot say the same for the other two, however.


Close Combat doesn’t set the bar very high though. The added flexibility I’m sure is nice but it’s still a subpar alternative. I suppose I’m not one to talk though, a Rock Blast Omastar made it way into my gym teardown lineup :joy:


If Blaze Kick is anything like the other fancy effect in PvP moves, then they can keep it.


I also suspect it will be a fast move, there is little reason to put 2 charge move of the same time, and I doubt it will be stronger the BB or a superior PvP move.


It is a charge move. Otherwise, there is no reason to say you can TM to it.


Uh, there are fast tms

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Why say you can TM to Blaze Kick if it’s a fast move? If you evolve a Combusken during CD you will always get Blast Burn. You can then TM to Blaze Kick. If Blaze Kick were a fast move would just get Blaze Kick. No reason to TM.


When you evolve it you can get counter or fire spin, and use a fast TM to change it once blaze kick is implemented(fire spin could become legacy and change for blaze kick on that moment, but the possibility of getting counter when evolve will continue)


Blaze Kick will be available on Community Day.


Not true, as it could also get Fire Spin or Counter. Blaze Kick is being permanently added to the game in Blaziken’s movepool, but unlike Blast Burn, there is no guarantee that you’ll get it upon evolving during the CD hours.

That said, from what was posted on TSR, it looks like Blaze Kick will indeed be a charge move (and a good one, at that). If these are the final stats, it looks like it will be much better in PvE than it will be in PvP.