Has this only happened to me?


Have you ever gone for a 5* unit on a banner and get its 4/3* counterpart? It sucks when it happens, but I don’t know if this happens to most people or just me, cause my luck sucks lol.


This happened with me recently too. I got this horrible IVs Sophia…


Fortunately Sophia is a very easy unit to get. It’s almost impossible not to get her unless you avoid red Orbs like the plague.

But it does happen to me, although I normally don’t summon on those banners. I did summon on the New Power Banner with Hinata and Niles… And got both Hinata and Niles as 5* units, so that’s a thing.


I mean 5*. This also happened to me when the banner with a 5* Maria was out. I got a 4* one.


Roys legendary banner. Every time I’d have a split-second thinking I got L!Roy but nah, it’s just the og version of him.