Have 2 sinnoh stones, what to use them on

I already have a decent amount of mons that are evolved with sinnohs but I currently have 2 and want to know which I should use them on.

Already have: Electivire (x2) Roserade Weavile Honchcrow Yanmega Togekiss Gliscor Porygon-z Ambipom

I’m leaning towards: Mamoswine & rhyperior

But I also don’t know what’s meta right now. So given what I already have, what would be the smartest way to spend these 2 sinnohs?

Thanks all.

Here and now, Rhyperior is a good choice, being one of the best counters against Heatran. Solid for other applications as well, including as a rock attacker, as long as his typing isn’t a hindrance.

Mamoswine is great, being a top-tier Ice type, but there’s not a whole lot to use him against at the moment in that regard. Definitely worth having one though, and can be used somewhat effectively as a Ground attacker as well.


If you have good candidates I would evolve one of each. Rhyperior is good against heatran and has utility against the rocket leaders. Mamoswine is just about the best ice type there is, and there will always be dragons to use an ice type against


This guy often appears in gyms, is in some Rocket teams and was recently a tier 4 raid boss:


Landorus and Zygarde may show up in raids later this year.

If you already have a good team for Heatran raids then I would go with 1 Mamoswine, 1 Rhyperior.

If not, go with 2 Rhyperior if you have the candies for it


If you’re looking to evolve Rhydon into Rhyperior to counter Heatran, make sure that you have a few Charge Move TM beforehand. Rhyperior now has 5 charge moves. If it has any of these charge moves other than Earthquake, it’ll deal much less damage than a Rhydon with Mud Slap/Earthquake.



Rhyperior is indeed a top counter against Heatran. I think what @walkingdistances was trying to convey was that because Rhyperior now has 5 charge moves, it’s now much more difficult/random to get the move you need, unlike Rhydon which is still more or less in duo range, is cheaper to evolve and has only 3 charge moves, thus much easier to get the move you need if you evolve a bunch and select the candidates, or if you’re willing to unlock the second attack. Also the possibility of a Rhyhorn CD is something to consider too.

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You are right ofcourse, but I mean why not evolve something you could use very well right now instead of something that will become usefull some time in the future…

You have a 1/5 (20%) chance to get the move you want when evolving Rhydon to Rhyperior, you have a 1/3 (33%) chance of getting the right move when evolvin Piloswine to Mamoswine.

When using TM’s if you got the wrong move then indeed the chance of getting the right move with Rhyperior is 1/4 (25%) with Mamoswine those chances grow to 1/2 (50%). But with the TM system as we know it right now you can get unlucky and burn more TM’s on your Mamoswine then on your Rhyperior. It is still a game of chance those TM’s not a guarantee :wink:

I think the evolution costs are the same 25 candies 1->2 and 100 candies and a Sinnoh Stone 2 -> 3.

I think @Flynn meant getting a Rhydon is cheaper than getting a Rhyperior, while still having a repectable DPS output.

I admit this and the TM lottery is the reason why I kept my ground Rhydon. But I evolved the ones I once used for stone edge!

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Don’t sleep on the Krow, every move it has is useful. Murks are literally everywhere so all you need to do is find some high CP ones and see what happens.