Have Cygames just forgotten about Gala dragalia?


It has been more than two months since the last one, and now they announced a regular water summoning event! After that, they will probably give us an Easter banner…
Where is Gala Dragalia?!


More time to save wyrmite, I guess…


Now that I think about it, it might be reasonable to assume that they just moved the Gala banner to the end of the month…


Yeah very possible it’ll be at the end of the month probably after this normal water banner. Which is a bummer for me because I’ve been hoping for a new water unit


I actually have all of the 5* water adventurers, but no 5* water dragon…


I wouldn’t be surprised if the Gala ends up being after the water banner. The Water banner is currently only scheduled to run for a week and they mentioned that the half a year anniversary is coming soon.