Have they changed damage calculations?

Since returning I’ve lost or nearly lost a lot of matches on miscalculations by 1 dmg, and they usually have to do with percentages - weapon triangle or damage reduction. Has everything stayed the same the whole time? I don’t recall ever having this problem before my hiatus.

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To my knowledge, nothing’s changed, math is just broken.


Damage Reduction stuff has been the only new factor. And even then it’s existed in prfs and seals already.


The one question I’ve had is when does rounding occur? Because if it’s carried through a full damage calculation and only the final number is rounded vs. rounded at each opportunity, that could be how things are off by 1


Idk, from my knowledge any time damage gets rounded, it gets rounded down despite if say you are going to do 20.1 or 20.9 damage it’s just going to be 20 regardless… but I could be wrong


I’m fairly certain you are correct. I believe that also applies to things like healing too. Basically any calculation in the game rounds down.


Yah, that’s what I figured… tho sometimes the trailers gets me since I’d do the math of how much they are doing to try to figure out the units Atk stat (if im able to find the foe they are fighting atleast in the story maps) and sometimes I would be like 1 off even tho I could have sworn I did the math correct… but that could have just been on IS’s part adding or lowering the units Atk stat in the trailer compared to their actual Stats, I think one of the units that it happened to me for was Naga