Have you ever been in Arena Tier 21?

  • Yes - multiple times
  • Yes - only once
  • No, but I have tried or am trying at the moment
  • No, and I haven’t tried

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Due to my, er, abundance of merged Earth legendaries I’ve managed to get 21 Arena crowns. I have never been able to maintain T21 but have made the jump from T20 a number of times


I’ve also held it a healthy amount of times. My heavy T20.5 period was with Eirika, Soren and Fjorm as my core.

Edel had a Wind Blessing when I did the run.


Typically go back and forth from 20 to 21 but recently with L!Eliwood I’ve been able to stay in tier 21 on occasion. Capping out some AR mythics there’s only so much I can do there so investing in some other units specifically for Arena has been working out.


I’m usually a 19.5 arena player but I made it into T21 3 times so far whenever I had a good bonus unit. Recently I managed to slip through with an unmerged Duo Laegjarn for whatever reason.

This week is going to be ridiculous with the new bonus unit system. And it’s only day 1


I try to maintain tier 21 every week since I’ve started taking arena a bit more seriously around a year ago. I want to get 100 crowns, that’s one of my goals in Feh. Another goal is to have 3 units with max favor and to reach tier 13 in summoner duels R (to get high rewards in both S and R, not because I think those modes are fun…). It’s has been a while since I’ve demoted to tier 20, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened more often. I guess the minimum score for staying isn’t as high as I anticipated. Ofcourse having invested in 2 high scoring duo units helps a lot.


I managed it 3 some years ago now. Twice with L!Azura when she first came out and when she was next a bonus unit after that and once with Aversa when she came out, somehow.

I’m T19.5 and happy there as it’s not too stressful. All my good +10s are old, I’ve no duel skills and don’t know how anything is possible losing movement assists for dual rallies. 20 is the best I’ll ever try for.


Yeah, just last week even. Technically even this week it says I’ll go up but I doubt I actually will. It’s early in the week so I’ll probably be bumped down by the end. Usually I only do if it works out I happen to have a merged bonus unit, which isn’t too often. Although the recent arena changes may change that…


Never tried, never reached it. I’ve gotten close when the Legendary bonus was in my favor, but that’s about it.


Ever since I gave Duel Infantry 4 to the Askr Royals, I’ve been going to tier 21 every other week.
Having a +10 Summer Byleth and Ninja Lyn helped tremendously.


For several months didn’t really care a ton, if I had good bonus units I would go up 21, else some weeks I didn’t have time and dropped as low as 18 (just not even really caring if I lost units, or doing the bare minimum just for 100 feathers. Have many, crowns (55), and when things align I move up. My whole team is basically a bonus unit now. The main issue is not having any legendaries merged to +10. Keep trying to move my favorites along, but 1 merge every 6 months is not making much progress.

Highest (Light) merge - Ash +8
Highest (Earth) merge - Ike +6 (won’t have R duel 4 either :frowning: )
Highest (Anima) merge - Thrasir +5 (won’t have G duel 4 either)
Highest (Fire) merge - Marth + 4 (same as Ike)
Highest (Astra) merge - Plumeria +3 (don’t have R flying duel)
Highest (Wind) merge - Eliwood +2
Highest (Water) merge - Dimitri +2
Highest (Dark) merge - Hel +2

Notes: Ike, Thrasir, Plumeria, Eliwood, Dimitri and Hel are not favorites - just illustrating I’m getting more copies of these then units in their respective season which are favorites.


My arena core units:
Masked Marth (R Duel 4)
Xander (R Duel 4)
Ashnard (R Duel 3/DC)
Aversa (R Duel 3)
B! Lucina (B Duel 4)
Est (B Duel 4)
Reinhardt (B Duel 4)
N! Hana (no Duel)
Camilla (G Duel 3)
Python (G Duel 4)
Soren (G Duel 3)
Cecilia (G Duel 4)
Virion (C Duel 4)
Alfonse and Sharena have Duel 4 skills, Anna has Duel 3 still…

I have a few over 100 Arena crowns. I hit 100 a few weeks ago, was happy about it, and stopped tracking. I typically bounce up and down from T20 to 21, and can always stay in T21 if I have a merged bonus unit. I have at least one Legendary at +10 for each season, except Wind, which I have a +9 (L!Micaiah’s next run is sooo far away and I already sparked this time!).

However, with the new bonus unit change to be units from an old book, I’m not sure if it will be harder or easier to maintain T21. I’ll have a +10 bonus unit every time, but so will everyone else in T21, so…

I’m just a few red thrones from 100 in AR, too, which I started taking seriously long after Arena (it came out much later), but I miss thrones less often than crowns, so they’re evening out.


Yep. But who knows for how much longer? Most of my units score like 180 bst.

I think only once. :feh_lucyshrug:

I normally hang out in 19.5, but I’ve made 21 a few timess. I’ve never bothered to merge a legendary, so I really depend on getting lucky with the bonus unit.

No. I’m a Bebe. And bad. And I only ever see the sun in the morning