Have you ever whaled for a particular unit? If so, who and why?

So… I did something crazy in Fate/Grand Order. There’s a unit I wanted, and it kinda shocked/surprised me, because of how much I initially loathed him. I feel like an ass for acting the way I did, because in the end, the grail was to blame for what happened in the 6th singularity. It took me a while to realize what was going on and thankfully on Discord, someone helped me understand better what was exactly going on in the 6th singularly. Essentially, they’re “Alters.”

The unit in question, is Gawain. He definitely grew on me, more because of SE.RA.PH./CCC and his interlude. And goddamn he’s snuggable and hot :3

And in my summoning for him (in total was about 650~700 Saint Quartz), this happened:

(She’s huge!)

(He grew on me too)

Any units you’ve whaled for?




I’m confused

I think he’s asking if you’ve ever dropped way more money than normal to get a Servant/get them to NP5.

Whoops, that’s what I get for not reading the names! Sorry @C-luck_dragon is likely F2P and can’t comprehend spending that much(like me!).


(She. I a gurl)

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Sorry, edited post. Made a bit of an ass of myself by not reading the names. Whoopsie!

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Eh, it’s okay. (It happens :3)



After CCC, reading her My Room lines and her interlude i really like her.

It actually only took me 180 SQ for NP3 and on her second banner it took 60 for the remaining 2 copies.


Passionlip is someone I liked and I genuinely felt sorry for her, when she was a mindless sentiel


I suppose these are the worst of my impulse NP5s in terms of randomness and cost:

All of them started innocently, and most of them took absurd quantities of SQ in the process.

QSH gets honorable mention for being someone I publicly tried to talk myself out of before pulling a complete 180. The SQ cost wasn’t that bad, though.


Im in the same faction with @C-luck_dragon

I mean in essence this question boils down to: Have you ever used WAY more SQ than you intended to get a Servant?

Sure as F2P we don’t have the money investment, but I’m sure even as F2P we’ve all run across a Servant that derailed our allotting of SQ. Personally I used way more SQ than I intended to get a copy of Lip, I only intended t use about 20 tickets, but I ended up using 120 SQ and almost 30 tickets.

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Out of those, I also like Abby a lot, since I played through Salem recently and I feel incredibly sorry for her since…

Salem Spoilers
  • Her parents are dead
  • Her friend, Lavinia Whateley (somewhat related to Yog-Sothoth (lovecraftian being) who also raped and impregnated her in the original H.P. Lovecraft story) is dead
  • Her “uncle” is a Demon God Pillar who had his body snatched
  • Tituba/Sheba is killed, also one of Abby’s friends
  • Abby hates being consumed by the magic and evil that she knows of, despite being labeled as a “Chaotic Evil” Servant. In fact, her going insane is justifiable, because she feels like she has no one.
  • Salem is full of heretics, since this was during a time of a Smallpox outbreak in 1692, the citizens didn’t know what to think of the Native Americans that lived nearby, and there were groups that participated in witch rituals.

So yeah. I like Abby a lot :3


Ah okay.
I was curious if anyone’s ever whaled for a unit, since this was my first time I did so on FGO

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You’ll find that a number of us have :slight_smile: More so for those who have a lot of disposable cash or who don’t spend that much on other hobbies.

I’m more in the latter group, and I do set targets, but it happens kind of often that I start rolling for fun or because I liked a Servant during their event and end up with unexpected NP5. Amakusa was pure impulse but turned into a favorite.

Kama’s upcoming banner is going to be a doozy, because Arjuna Alter NP5 will happen, and I don’t want to drain the entire stash in advance.


King Protea being NPLV5 was quite the shock for me, because of how she’s an SSR

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Hmmm Illya then, I want Caster very much especially with buster np, wasting 150 SQ and got … nothing

Tell me about it! I’m facing down the barrel of either splitting my resources trying to get both Kama & Arjuna Alter looking at 70 pulls max for each. Or doing the very painful thing of giving up on Kama to have a better shot at Arjuna Alter.