Have you guys seen the 5th anniversary servants buffs?

Also do you know any place when I can see the entire list ?
From what I saw and understood some servants mainly the fate stay night ones are gonna easilly jump 1 or 2 tiers in the tierlist

The summary can be found here:


Thank you, may the gacha gods be with you!

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6th Day:

  • Cu : 1st Skill now gains an 20% + ([1- CurrentHP/MaxHP]*30%) Atk Buff for 3 turns and the CD is reduced by 1
  • Emiya : 3rd Skill increases the Card buff amount to (30% - 50%) and Emiya can now change his NP type to Arts for 1 turn.
  • Heracles : 3rd Skill can now have the guts stack multiple times and he gains a (20%) Buster buff for 5 turns every time he uses up a guts.
  • Artoria : 2nd Skill now also applies a (20% - 40%) NP damage buff for 1 turn and converts all of her face cards into Buster Cards.

this is insane



They somehow made 4 solid servants (3, if you don’t think NA Artoria isn’t up to par yet) more badass. Cu is pulling a Lady Gaga, getting stronger as long as he doesn’t die, Herc has a trap card Buster with his guts, Emiya fixes his deck, and Artoria can call on a full Buster chain as long as she has two face cards.

I wish DW would give these buffs before NA 5th Anniversary.


So they buffed Cu, Emiya, Heracles, and Artoria who were all doing pretty well for themselves until this point. Meanwhile, Medea, Medusa, and Kojiro are crying in a corner somewhere. Cursed Arm Hassan weeps internally too but you can’t tell because of his mask.

Gilgamesh just laughs because he knows he’s still relevant without another buff.


maybe in the 6th Anniversary, would make sense
we just have to wait 3 years…

Caster Gil got buffed tough, His np needed the extra damage but that critical damage aoe boost for 3 turns was totally unecessary, ah well I have him so I can’t complai :P

I know right? Alas, the only things we have a track record for getting early are qol upgrades (back button, engine update etc) and servant animations.

Unnecessary??? What else are you going to do with the pile of stars his np creates? Of course he needed the crit buff added to his np!


Hey,I am not complaining, If they want to buff all his skills let them do as well, He is my boy afterall

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