Haven't played in over a year... worth coming back for the second anniversery?

I saw the new digest on my feed, and was interestied in 33 days of free summons, so I thought i’d at least try the game out again. I haven’t played since the game was only a few months old, and I think I was only in chapter 3. I know I have missed a ton of stuff, but wondering just how much everything has improved.

I would show who I have so far and what levels, but wanted to see if there was any returning playing stuff for the anniversery, and if so if I should wait once that campaign started. I know I had a few good 5 stars, both heroes and dragons. I remember the last I got was the egyptian lady I was trying so hard to get…

But anyway, I cannot spend as much time as possible in this game, as I am also doing the FGO NA Gilfest, but what can I do here to help catch up or gain what I can? Can I redo the events I missed and get any free units tied to them? Whats the current “meta” even though I just use my favorite girls.

EDIT: I logged it, seemed I had to do a few new tutorials. also I had a ton of stuff in my mailbox, 10k gems, 15 10 fold summons, and a lot more… I was really surprised by that… wonder why I had all that and more…

You may as well play the current event raid to get Audric, if you missed him during your break. Peeps are guessing he’ll get a mana spiral soon and he’s a free unit so it’s not a bad idea to at least play until he appears in your roster and then grind out his Friendship. If your shadow team can stay alive, though, then at least try doing Nightmare Raids daily for free rewards. I’m fairly certain players won’t mind carrying you if that’s the case.

As for the other content, I’d mess with the Battle Royale since it seems a lot of its content is within the mode itself and not tied to your own progress.

We did get the Event Compendium, though it mostly has past Facility Events so you can grind those back up if you missed them. There was mention of Raid Events being included iirc, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Main Story is up to Chp 15 now, the Dyrenell arc is finally over (thank Ilia) but you only need to play up to Chp14’s conclusion to get all the story units. Chp11 if you don’t need a Shadow Wand.

Current highest DPS last I checked is Lucretia thanks to mana spiral, though the WP changes have affected all the calculations. Shadow’s still strong and Grace is still the best Solo Auto healer. Gala Dragons are stupid busted, Gala Units have been getting much better, and people still be learning how to cheese every fight possible.

Orz, you have dedication. I respect that, I picked up Dragalia disappointed Gilfest was not on the time zero rerun was out.

And past week played this too much, only farmed 250 boxes spread over 2 account. With well over 100 apples each leftover. Still struggling to cash them in.

The 10k wrymite and tenfold maybe returning gift?
I had them too. Sadly I burned them weeks before 2nd Anni.