Having a tough time deciding my next +10

Well. I’m probably a week or two away from having fully merged Laslow. I’m looking at my roster and I’m not sure what to build next.

(Don’t look at that Rein. I haven’t invested anything in him!)

So that’s my current roster of +10 units. From what I see at a glance, I’m missing armored units and a blue flier. I’m not someone that banks on saving feathers because if I’m saving feathers and orbs…then what the hell am I supposed to do in the game?

The one armored that interests me is W!Jaffar as it also fulfills a unique niche of dagger & green. But I have a Green armor tank in Sheena and I could pass on the whole seasonal deal. Red armors don’t interest me too much and blue I rather have enough Valbar copies to make him since he statistically surpasses both Effie and Gwen. I would like an armor for arena point scoring, but that’s sort of a low priority.

Blue flying units there’s a crap ton of em. Now I have pretty much every blue flier available to Max out, but they all feel too same-y. White Wing sisters do not appeal to me what so ever as I like my mixed teams. Do I really also want to spend Grails on a blue flier when I can just whip up a Shigure or a Thea and pretty much do the same thing? They just feel very underwhelming.

Finally I could do something cooky, but I kinda want to hit Arena Tier 21 for once. Would a maxed Wrys be funny? Yes. But he would probably sit on the bench like Lachesis (she comes out only for Rokkr for Absorb tanking)

I dunno.


For blue flying units I recommend Catria if you have enough flyers to work well with her. Otherwise some options like Travant or Blue Caeda, or Sigrun.

But if you wanna hit Arena tier 21 then just build anyone with high BST honestly

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What are your highest BST units, and do you have any Duel Infantry/Flying skills that you’re willing to fodder to any of your merged projects?

There are some Grail fliers that are somewhat unique, like Sigrun (I think she’s got one of the best mixed bulk out of the blue fliers in game) so there’s always that, otherwise you might wanna save your Grails.

If you want to spend them on high BST units (Itsuki for instance) then that’s always a plus, not to mention Iago that’s gonna be releasing soon with his extremely unique prf weapon.

Aversa and Caeda both have Red Flying right now. For fodder I do have Red Infantry, but I only got one copy of him. I also have a SPARE Colorless Infantry too!

Highest BST… yeah. Not too many of those. Sheena, Myyrh, then Nowi in that order. So that’s why I was looking at Jaffar, but yeah, Itsuki isn’t a bad idea for his dragon slaying (which I’m lacking now looking at everything I have).

Then you could probably do Aversa, Caeda, and either a C Duel Infantry unit or a high BST blue/green unit (for a bit more color diversity) and you’d pretty much be set, or at least have a better chance of getting to Tier 21 in Arena, as long as you’re accepting the battles that give higher points.

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Thank you so much for your help there. I have it now narrowed down to Flame Emperor or W!Jaffar as I have the fodder to score well for an armored unit. I got another week or two to mull it over.

Thanks again!

You might want to start working on some newer, higher bst units if you care about long-term arena. Mordecai, Echidna, Norne, Itsuki, etc. are all good.

Flame Emperor is an decent unit as far as armors go, but wow are armors sort of risky to make right now, at least for arena :(


Yeah, gotta love the anti armor units!

I know there’s different bins, yadda yadda and that’s why I was looking at armors vs infantry because there is going to be an 5-8 point gap between them. The character most likely is going to be a cheerleader of sorts just kinda sitting there being a beefy boy. I guess I gotta do some calculations to see if the point spread will put me into a higher echelon or not.

Thank you!

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I guess it really depends how patient you are. When I ran Legendary Tiki in arena awhile back, I had to rerun it several times just to avoid problematic teams that made it impossible to keep her alive. It wasn’t every match - but they always showed up on match 4 or 5, causing me to redo it. It just infuriated me. I have no patience.

Now with Legendary Chrom taking another action and potentially getting danced… it’s even more annoying than it was before as a +10 chrom can basically kill everything, including green armors :( Mordecai is reliable though… he can come to the rescue (if they are still running Close Counter that is…)


If you have C Duel Infantry, I’d toss in Virion as an option. He’s fantastic at debuffing like Aversa (and now Iago), and these types of units are the only ones that actually want the HP from the Duel skills.

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I think @egervari is right, consider a newer 4-star if you want to promote into somewhat better competitive progression. Also you won’t need duel skills that prohibit a useful a slot for a unit that sorely needs it.


I recommend draug he fun

Or barst cause hes a nuke


I also have an +HP sitting in my barracks as well too. I would probably actually replace Aversa in Arena since her duel skill sits at 160 vs Virion at 170. He’s a project I do want to build eventually, but I’m sorta holding off because the difference between the two units aren’t huge in arena scoring, but that will be a project now you brought that to my attention. Thank you!

Yeah, I think Sheena is gonna get retired and replaced with Flame Emperor. Gonna do a standard Slaying Axe, DC, Special Fighter, Armor March (or some other high scoring C skill if the flavor of the two weeks isn’t armored).

I mentioned I considered W!Jaffar, but really he is a Speed Tank vs. Flame Emperor just being a beastly physical tank. Dagger is kinda moot point since one of the slots will be a debuffer of some sort (Aversa for now, Virion later on thanks to Warlock’s mention).

I so want to! I have like 20 copies just sitting there, but I think I’m gonna hold off until I see him get a PRF. Hopefully that’s sooner rather than later.



Probably Shigure

He’s gonna get a prf in like… 6 months idk


Even without the prf right now, hes very unique as hes the only 3 to 4 star armor who can VERY effectively run special fighter. this works very well with ignis and wo dao for big hits of damage on doubles, or instant bonfire with slaying edge. one build ive been using, due to his big hp stat, is barrier blade, dc, special fighter, atk smoke, and spd/res bond for omnitanking.

he is very good at what he do.

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also if he gets a prf i will GEEK out

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Don’t get me wrong, there has been multiple occasions where I’m hemming and hawing between Draug and one or two other choices.

The reason I’m passing for now is that I do want someone that can keep me in Tier 20 every week with the chance of getting to 21 (I flip between 19 and 20 every week currently). He just doesn’t score high enough, and without a PRF he just can’t compete at the present moment. He will be a project in the future though because what you have pointed out, I also identified too.

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Something that I would eventually like to do is W!Jaffar with Broadleaf Fan+. I theorycrafted this when he was released, but Grails are so scarce that it will be ages before I can actually do this. :P

He would pair very nicely with my W!Cecilia, where each one can apply debuffs to trigger the other’s Fan:

Anyway, a couple more ideas for you.

I really like your Jaffar build. Sadly I would have to forego the broadleaf because I simply don’t have one. I had planned on keeping his candy cane dagger for self sustain while in my arena composition. I still have some time to decide between Jaffar or F.E.

Broadleaf is definitely hard to come by. I picked up two copies on the December seasonals banner, one for W!Cecilia. Jaffar’s native dagger is great, probably his second-best option.

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