Having trouble searching pokemons

I’m not sure it’s side effect of the recent update but I cannot search certain pokemon moves in PoGo.
I was trying ‘giratina&@shadow claw&@shadow ball’ but the search result doesn’t show anything. The best I can do is ‘giratina&@1ghost&@2ghost’ but in this way I cannot distinguish between Ominous wind one and Shadow ball one.

Does anybody knows solution of this?

Might need to just incorporate the ghost move in the pokemon’s name. Turns out that I found 6 Psychic Gengars, might have never stumbled upon those

Perhaps an unintended side effect, with the latest update containing info and search strings for “shadow” Pokemon and “purified” Pokemon as part of the incoming Team Rocket stuff it kind of broke searching for moves that contain the word “shadow” - Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw.

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