Healer or Buffer

Hey everyone,

I’ve Bern playing for a while but I’m confused about a certain aspect of team building un the most recent meta : should I include a buffer (like Emma) instead of a Healer (like Verica) on my teams or run with both and only 2 DPS?

Usually it like this Single player, you adjust to the mission, if your units are dying bring a healer, if not, 1 buffer (no more than 1 tho).

In multiplayer, some missions like High Dragon Trials require healers, some don’t, so it really depends on strategy and META.

Thanks a lot!

Two DPS, buffer, healer is very common, especially in fire and wind content where there are great buffers (Emma and Noelle/Dy.Xain). Dark has several up-and-comers for the buffer slot as well, and light just got Chitose.
There are some notable fights that break this scheme; High Zodiark was two Gala Euden, Yachiyo (for Katana coab+para uptime), Fleur for the longest time, as they could all run Cupid and forgo a healer; High Jupiter uses four Gala Cleo, or three Gleos and one , though it’s recently diversified with the dark mana spirals that we already got. Emma in Volk is a flex slot and can be 2DPS, Emma, H.Lowen or 3DPS+Lowen.