Heart Perfects Technique

In July 2022, I readied my Orbs for my highly anticipated 8% banner: a red trio of L-Nanna (my merge project at the time), Plumeria (someone I didn’t mind merges for) and Ascended Mareeta (who would grant me a Floret and Vital Astra fodder). I had hoped to get a bunch of Nannas and Plumerias and a few copies of Vital Astra to throw around.

What I didn’t expect was getting six copies of Mareeta. Vital Astra has fairly strict inherentance restrictions and I didn’t need that much of it, as few of my units could make good use of it, so I kept the +Spd copy, foddered one to my Rutger and shelved the rest for when I thought of good VA candidates

Fast forward one month and thr CYL banner comes around, and while pulling full reels for potential fodder guess who spooks me? Ascended Mareeta.

At this point I’m both stunned AND laughing. What did I do to attract this lady’s attention? I decided to merge the flaw out of mine, because I still have 4 manuals at this point.

And then we got Godlike Reflexes and Atk/Spd Finish in the following months.

I was thinking “You know, I’m getting to the point where it’s actually worth merging all these manuals; I haven’t used any of them because modern melee infantry hate my guts”. So I grabbed the Finish since I was close to spark after a bad stint pulling for H-Naga, merged all but one of my manuals into her (I’M STILL WAITING FOR SWORD FELIX IS), and started planning for a Flame Lyn rerun for GLR and future A-Mareeta banners.

And IS kindly provided both through an Ascended banner in December, the AHR banner in January, and now a Hero Fest with A-Mareeta. And now, at last…

I’m still Hero Merit farming Lyn so she doesn’t have GLR yet, and I’m waiting for a better time to pull the newly released Time’s Pulse 4 and a T4 DR skill (ideally Velocity 4) but otherwise she is done. I never thought I would end up with a +10 Ascended unit, but life is funny that way.


Ladyluna secretly becoming a whale is giving me life!

Jokes aside, (I know you didn’t empty your wallet for this) CONGRATS!!! She looks very scary to face against

Also some Mareeta apreciation for your post:


She was actually a relatively inexpensive +10. Across the three banners I pulled for her on, I spent a total of somewhere between 1050 and 1100 Orbs, around 700 of which went to that 8% banner where she wasn’t my main target (and of course, one copy spooking me helped). Also keep in mind I got THIRTEEN of her total because of her fodder, meaning each individual copy cost less than 100 Orbs.


That’very impressive.

Have you considered feeding her godlike reflexes + velocity?
Thanks to her mini spiral + quick impulse in her weapon she’s easily the best user of it.


Yes, those are both on the table. As I mentioned at the end of my post, I have GLR, I just need to finish HM farming Flame Lyn. I do not have A-Hilda for Velocity, but I hope her banner can win a rerun vote so I can nab it (or just hope for someone with Velocity 4 to get released).


Can’t wait to join you in the ascended Mareeta club. 3 copies behind but I got a month to change that hopefully