Heatran achievements, sentimental value

Hey all

May seem a bit petty, as I’m sure many of you have done the same thing a dozen times over.

But throughout my time playing GO, I’ve had a tough time staying focused on one singular thing. I’ve got dozens of high IV level 35 Machamps, Rampardos, Rayquazas, you name it. But the amount of absurd squirrel quotient in this game makes focusing on one thing incredibly hard.

I’ve traded rare shinies away in the past for maxed Legendaries or highly sought out PvP mons, but I finally did something by myself. No trades, just pure grinding.

I got this Heatran of mine I caught a couple years ago to level 40, and bought it a second charged move. For PvP and PvE. I remember it fondly because I caught it in a raid with a friend of mine who sadly passed away the very day after we did this raid, just the two of us. As Heatran was already one of my favorites to begin with, this one just had some sentimental value added on because of that.

Helps that it has awesome IVs lol.

This thing is gonna be a mainstay anchor on my teams against anything weak to Fire, helping me to avoid relobbying, or to only relobby once.

Took me forever to actually commit to levelling it up, but I finally got it done :slight_smile:


It’s not petty at all, the whole game is played by you and so your teams should be for you. You’ve got something here that means a lot to you personally, has taken time and effort to invest and power up and now, for as long as you choose, you’ve got that to use in your team.

It’s not as meaningful as yours but I do the same when I’m on holiday, if I catch something in a place i love then I’ll power that up, even if it’s not as good as some other stuff I have. This is exactly why we should sometimes throw away the DPS/TDO chart and not get hung up on IV (although yours is incredibly high anyway) to use something that’s fun or means something.

In short, I love what you’ve done so enjoy it to the fullest.


Sentimental value post = give a heart

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Heatran is amazing and if it has sentimental value even better. A team of 6 fire attackers should always have at least one heatran to avoid re-lobbying. You will not regret this decision!


Cant tell what’s sentimental about that but yep very serviceable, double resists everything fire is super effective against