Heaven’s Feel: Spring Song Delayed

Probably surprising no-one the final Heaven’s Feel movie is being Delayed

Honestly, I am happy about this. I rather they be safe and protect people than be negligent and risk making a pandemic worse.

I also think this is better for the movie as well. Attendance would have been horrible and I want the movie to do well.


Precisely. My heart goes out to the medical workers and people being forced to interact with people (including some people I know without hazard pay or anything, it’s ridiculous).

I’d sooner the staff take care of themselves and play it safe. A movie, much as I’m excited for it, can wait.


Where I live theaters are shutdown by the state, which is probably the case in a lot of areas. Hard to say if they will be reopened by the intended launch date even if they didn’t cancel so this makes a lot of sense.

(I’d probably skip the showing anyways because the first 2 aired in a horrible location for me and I’d assume the 3rd would go there as well.)

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Good move. No one is going to go out and watch a movie with the current pandemic.

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You understemate the stupidness of the human been

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And i’m happily waiting for the movie, and if in Fgo they celebrate that with a Medusa animation update or a Salter NP upgrade i would be happy

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Agreed. As much as I want to see it as soon as possible, I’d rather see it do well too and be enjoyed by many.


As long as I get to see baber alter be badass and dark Sakura wrecking shop, I don’t care what the do. Delay it if they need to.

The ends will justify the means, so it’s all good.


We need a baber alter NP upgrade

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Movie: Gets delayed.

Me: Cries.

Also me: Remembers the movie wasn’t even gonna come to my country.

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The same thing for me

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I am glad that even JP had to delay it :fgo_ereshlove:
I can wait as long as they do Dark sakura and Medusa justice :fgo_umu:

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