Heaven's Feel Theatrical Release

Advance tickets finally went on sale in my area this morning. Who all is making plans to wash your hands, mask up, and go watch HF3? I’ve only come on to FGO because of being a Fate stan, so I’m more pumped for this than any upcoming event or character release. Considering going and watching the Fathom events double feature of HF 1 and 2 for maximum hype.

So, what are you doing to celebrate? Will you also be cosplaying as Blackbeard?
(Perchance is anyone in the ATL area and potentially interested in seeing?)


I live outside of the US so I doubt there will be a theatrical release.
Just checked and there aren’t any indications to bring up my hopes.
A shame as I’ve been waiting for part 3, guess I’ll have to see it online in the future.

I hope you will have a good time :grin:


Same here.

I’ll probably only see it after the Blu Ray releases in… 6 months or more.


I was planning to watch it in theater, but with how the numbers are trending now my bet is many areas will start closing theaters by mid November. Even if they don’t, the risk is just too high for me. Will be waiting for Blu-ray and binge watch all 3 with a few friends next year.



It’s not airing in my city, but it is in one 30 minutes or so away. But I’ve been really, really careful about not going out more than necessary bc it is still spreading pretty bad where I live - but where it’s airing is a different county, and it isn’t as bad there.

I can’t buy the tickets through Fathom though (says “Online ticketing for this theater is being set up.”) Also, I’ve traditionally watched the Fate series dubbed, and I don’t know which of the 4 showings are for the dub (normally it tells me).

So I’m technically undecided but strongly leaning towards safety and staying home. I’ll catch the Blu-ray release.


(and @The_Wyandotte) Completely understand that. Most of the theaters around here have still been in operation but with heavy safety precautions in place. Thankfully, Fathom is offering a “no questions asked” refund deal–so if the risk seems too high around that point, I’ll be able to get a refund and wait.


They only just reopened theaters (in my county) this week or last week, at 25% capacity. I had two friends who worked there, one as a manager (went back to work) and one as just staff, and she didn’t.

I want so badly to see it so I’m going to be keeping a really close eye on the numbers the next town over, but yeah, I’m not expecting to go.


I really want to go too, but I am kind of in the same boat. I saw both of the first two in the theater and it was a big event - there are some people from our old con scene that I only see once a year at something like this. I am hoping that they will do a re-release later once things are more under control.


Back last year, I was chatting with a few friends who were into Fate or interested in getting in.
The idea was we’d watch Deen, UBW etc on our own to catch up, binge HF 1 and 2 at someone’s place, and then we all go catch HF3 in the cinema.
I guess those plans got cancelled…

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I looked up what theaters would have it in my area of Texas…

Not a single theatre within 200 miles (the maximum distance it will look) of my location has it.

I guess I’ll be waiting for the special edition blu-ray on Right Stuff for my turn to see it.



Theaters around me that normally show anime movies are still closed, so I can’t see it. Really sucks since I’ve been waiting for these HF movies for a long ass time, and I already saw the first 2 in theaters, so I’ll just feel incomplete.

Hopefully after the movie comes out there’s not a huge slew of spoilers everywhere which forces me to avoid the internet for a few months. Would really suck to make it this far just to get spoiled close to the end.

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IDK, if you’ve gone 16 years, played FGO, and (I’d assume) watched Zero, Stay Night, UBW, whatever, hung out on forums like this, and haven’t been spoiled yet.

You’re probably fine.

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Well honestly the main reason I’ve been safe is because up until this year, I pretty much avoided every Fate community I’ve come across because they’ve been completely insufferable and filled with assholes (this place is the only good one I’ve found)

And while I’ve had an account for awhile, I’ve only really started using Twitter recently, so thats another risk.

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