Heavy Blade Beruka

Has any one ever considered it? Her mediocre atk jumps up to an effective 33, which, while not high by any means, is also workable. Whats more, she gets access to flier buffs to help make up for it. Given she has no other means of accelerating her special, I think it could really help her.

Here’s an example build (swap Atk/Res bond 4 for Atk/Def, hypothetically):

Idk. Maybe it’s not worth it, but I really think it could be pretty cool. It’d also help her to maintain her weapon effect, since the ability to regularly proc Aether would increase her sustain. Thoughts?

She’s better off with Iote’s in Seal. She’s much better at being a tank, & without Iote’s, Archers are gonna have a field day.

I mean, you could.

But considering how much cheaper it is to just build her with something like dual Close Def, this seems kinda unnecessary.

And very expensive.

Strictly speaking, there’s Brave Lucina’s refine. Otherwise, not worth it.


What I was gonna suggest too. Since she’s mostly EP anyways, she benefits from the added bulk and can even hit the enemy back with an Aether for self sustain.

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See, you could do that. But frankly, thats not nearly as fun. And honestly, unless your a whale, I personally don’t see much use in trying to build 5* exclusive units, so you may as well fodder them off to your 4* available merge projects. Furthermore, this gives more versatility. I love my B! Lucina- I use her all the time in Aether raids. That doesn’t mean I wanna use her all the time, especially in arena since I barely manage to stay T20 as is with my +10 Nowi and +9 BK, and shes only +1.