Helena NP5?

While trying to roll for Raikou I got several copies of Helena. I was wondering if she is worth getting to NP5 or if I should just get some rare prisms?

tbh, except in extreme cases, I’d np5 anyone before I burned for rare prisms

even moreso when they’re limited


Not NP5 a decent farming AOE Arts archer is kinda dumb. Save the burning for Stheno or even someone like Assassin of Shinjuku. Also unless you need Mona Lisa there’s not much going on in the RP Shop now.

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Assassin of Shinjuku recently spooked me and i still haven’t had the chance to try him, is he that bad?

He’s called Male Stheno for some reasons.
His only utility is generating stars and nothing else, no significant buffs, mediocre passives and middle of the pack stats. Right now he’s only worth as a very inferior star generator when compared to Kerry, Shiki or Jack.

I own him and personally I really like him, but he doesn’t do much damage not even with crits on NP turn. Later down the line he gets an up to 30% Quick up and crit up on his 2nd skills on top of his star generation (Which also increases by 1%) and from what I heard he becomes a decent unit in Quick Teams. I wouldn’t burn him really but honestly there’s no real point for most masters right now to level him and use him over other options (Even Hassans can do better than him currently).

I can only hope he gets some buff to be more useful in the future, because right now he is probably the top contender for the most “literally who” servant in all of fgo for me

That explains why i never hear anything about him, it’s a shame since i liked his design.

Of course i’ll keep him since i never burn servants but knowing that i won’t waste any ember on him either for now, thanks for the info.

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Something of a shame, to be had. I like his shapeshifting* shenanigans (and the fact he enjoys it). ^_-

*PS: honestly, why does not a one of his skills reflect that in any meaningful way?

He’s still a fun unit to use so if you happen to have spare embers for him you should give him a try anyways.
His design is probably one of my favorites this year so far, a shame indeed. But given the recent batch of strengthening, I still have hopes of him getting some nice buffs, specially an NP interlude.

Yan Qing is a cool character. Unfortunately, with a really poor kit on release, as his only saving grace is star manipulation, which is simply not enough to pull his weight.
His single buff is a huge improvement to his performance and he becomes perfectly useable then (11-hit quick NP is no joke after you give him some extra quick support).

He’s one buff away from being great. An NP upgrade would be perfect.

Back to the Helena topic, what’s been said. Keep the NP5. She’ll be a pretty strong farmer once you invest on her.

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CCKun91 has an Np5 Archer Helena. Her damage isn’t amazing but I get if you leveled her final skill she’d be quite a reliable Wave 2 farmer.

Definitely keep her.