Helena vs Shakespeare

Who would be more generally useful between Shakespeare and Helena Blavatsky? I am super low on caster gems so whoever goes second will likely take a while.

For context: My only other supports are Gilgamesh (Caster) and Hans

My usable servants are:
Buster: 6 (Special mention to my Raikou)
Arts: 6
Quick: 3

Helena, easily.


They are quite different servant, but usually Helena is more useful.
She is a damage dealer who can also support the team, when Shakespeare is support who love poster girl.


I would say Helena over Shakespeare. While I never used the latter, and just recently got Helena on a spook on the Okita banner 5 days ago, I DID use a fair few Helena’s from the support list. Her Rainbow buff is more generalist than Shakespeare’s Buster only buff, and her charge is team wide, and not just one person. Her second skill will also generally provide more stars than Shakespeare’s stargen buff.
Lastly, if you slap a Kscope on her you can use her own NP to do some additional damage, apply a defense down and increase your carrier’s overcharge.



20 AOE charge > 20 single charge

3T 20% tricolor buffs > 1T 40% Buster Up

46K NP damage (NP1, Mahatma proc) > 35K (assumed NP5, ofc)

Shakes would be preferable at times, but only and exclusively when you need to charge someone and support a Buster DPS for a single turn.


I would suggest that you level Shakespeare first skill since it is the only skill worth while leveling since he already has 20% charge on lvl 1as well .then focus on Helena as more general support although Helena is better than Shakespeare

Since it’s in the terms of using skill gems, definitely Helena. Shakespeare’s first skill is worth leveling, but his other two can be left for much later on. For Helena at least her first and third skill benefit a lot from leveling. Leveling her second skill just increases the chance of her NP strength buff activating, so it’s not too important to level unless you’re using her offensively a lot and want those cooldowns reduced somewhat.

It’s always important to look at what is affected by leveling a skill before doing so, as not all of the effects on a skill always increase with levels.


Shakespeare doesn’t get a lot of fresh air in my Chaldea, but Helena enjoys regular use even with every premier SSR support available thanks to her combo of card support, party NP charge, and wave clear.

There’s no contest as to which is more generally useful, but Shakespeare has his moments thanks to his potent 1T Buster buff and modest leveling requirements.

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Helena has rainbow buff that makes her compatible with all servants. She has a good AOE NP and gets stronger if her 2nd skill procs. Her 20% AOE battery alone makes her a budget Waver. Helena has more utility and wins by a mile against the buster centric Shake.

Helena is better so far. Skill, stat, utility…
However, skill cost is higher.

I find this thread hilarious, given how helena hates the spr

its not even a competition. helena wins by a landslide

Everyone have already say the reasons so i will just say one thing, Helena

Let’s see… I’ve had Shakespeare for over 2 years and he’s still bond 6. Helena arrived just last Thanksgiving banner and is bond 8 and then some.

Yup Helena is the better choice in 95% of cases. You just can’t beat team charge/buff and wave clear in one servant. (also why ozy who is only a few weeks newer than Helena is on the cusp of bond 8 and would be there already if I didn’t choose an assassin node to farm this week. Those two are the fastest I’ve ever bonded servants in front line only service)

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Actually, you only need to level Shakespeare 1st skill to make him fully usable.

If you are swinming in embers, just level both, for skills, I say level Helena 1st skill to 10 first, then, Shakes first, then Helena 3rd (the upgrade is not that great, just about extra 10%, CD keeps very bad).

Helena 2nd skill is very low priority, almost like Shakes 2nd and 3rd.

Also, ofc, Shakes skill consumes way less gems (2 vs 4 stars).