I need help making teams and I’m not sure what to do I wanna get better at the game and to do that I need good teams to help me. these are the characters I have

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SP Cooler Blue
SP Golden Frieza Green
SP Final Form Frieza Yellow
and Any EX frieza force units at least 3 stars

SP Super Sayian Bardock
SP Transforming Vegeta
SP Kaioken Goku (Bench or Core) he need a buff use at your our risk
SP Red Super Sayian Goku
SP Goku Purple
SP Heart Disease Goku Yellow
thats all idk what type of EXs you got
but this is the best i can do

Main lineup:
-BLU Bardock
-BLU Transforming Vegeta
-YEL Heart virus goku
-YEL super Vegeta
-SP RED super saiyan Goku
-EX Blu Goku