Hello Fire Emblem Players :feh_reininherit:

Now hear me out before castrating me, my friends. I may appear cruel or judgemental but I personally expect more when things get bad in the feh community. When IS acts the fool I would like an act of defiance. The whales won’t do it, but the whales are not the majority. Although, they probably don’t enjoy the power creep any more than you do. For the past two years now balance and fun have been tossed out the window.

I’ve watched time and time again as the best we do is say “Well, it’s just how it is.” or “What can we do about it?”

Instead of trying to take these questions as something that can be answered we lay back and fall into a state of compliance and leave them without one.

This compliance has lead to a community that supports the destruction of our games integrity, and ultimately our own integrity.

Now, I understand that some will argue that “It’s a gatcha. What integrity could it possibly have.”

Well, Fire Emblem Heros is a bit more than that for me and as such, I believe it’s more than that for you. The state of the game is the fault of numbers. And guess what, whales are not the majority. It is you, the player base who have built the game and allowed it to be as it is.

Every new unit you abuse, every broken strategy you support, and every poor business act you let fly by results in what we have now.

Intelligent systems of course are not without blame themselves, but as you all know Intelligent systems is a business at the end of the day. And they move by what will best make profits, not by will best suit the community. And it is the player base, even the free to plays, that allow the profits.

You the player base are fire emblem heroes. You the player base are the community. Not all are toxic towards the balance of the game, but many have given into bad gameplay mechanics and poor business practices, and sadly many now support the actions of this game fully while gutting the few who despise it.

There are many examples that we all know well enough at this point that I won’t regurgitate it here and now. Instead, I’ll point back to a meme from a past that we all know equally well.


This meme was born upon the opening of a banner that clearly didn’t have what’s best for us, the player base, in mind. It was an act of defiance to use the Reinhardt. Don’t say we don’t have any ftp units now that can act and defy against the current practices of IS, we very much do. One of them is the man, the myth, and the legend hismelf.

We the player base can move against and hopefully, possibly, and theoretically change our game. There are other forms of gatcha that have through their own form of backlash. Specifically in a game called “Magic The Gathering”. Because yes, card games are gatcha. They often turn against wizards of the coast when and if a mechanic is released that hurts the game.

We can and have done it in our own little phone app.

We used the Reinhardt.

But that doesn’t mean you have to. You can use whoever you please to eliminate ignore the meta and the desire our community has to simplify and destroy what makes our game fun, strategy. You can use a TA lex to murder hector, you can use a wind sweep to widdle down Fallen Eldie.

You the player base can say, “I no money for you, I now use the Reinhardt, the Kempf, the Hana, the anyone”

It’s up to you to change our game. Because the moment we stop pulling, even with our daily free-to-play orbs, the game will change. The moment we spam Intelligent systems with suggestions for change the game will change. An example is the arena bug, after all. And if it doesn’t, it will when we leave it to be a game of the few. Don’t let the majority be the ones who tolerate what’s happening to the game. Don’t let the majority be the ones who are compliant. Let it be the few.

Because the few don’t build what the community is.


I will use a +10 F!Eldelgard and B!Hector Save duo to bend them to my will!


Too late, getting the scissors.

Now on a more serious note the problem is that IS actually can and will completely ignore F2P players. Whales are the only ones that matter, because whales are the only ones they’re making money off. Sure they might not enjoy the powercreep much either, but they can still benefit from it and so will still spend money.

As for the F2P and even the dolphins, IS literally does not care about them. All of them could drop the game and it would not make a single cent (pun intended) of difference to IS. Whales are all they need, and the only ones who they need to even remotely try and please.


You are right, I have been saving my orbs after the valentine’s banner, I spent a few on the SH because I dont have save skills, much less traces or any form of pathfinder, I got stuck in 2020 in terms of skills and of course I can deal perfectly with PvE but I wont bother with PvP anymore, I changed my mindset for only favorites or units I like over the tier 1 units.
The pursuit of the meta or being at the top is not worth the time and effort, I have a life and things to do other than play a gacha, also I despise the gacha games in general, I stick with FEH only because of the characters, I cant wait to be done with it and move on.
But I think your proposal wont catch wind, each player will play as they please, and they will keep using toxic tactics because others will and every competitive player wants to be the best or be in the top best, IS releases those skills because only power holds meaning and power of one player over another is what brings the money to the gachas, its always like this, it will always be because it just works, and if it works why fix it.


F2P players are the bottom of the chain they get beaten by all of the above and they are required in the game because they give the people that spend money the feeling of power or superiority over the people that dont pay.
They are the easy wins.
IS throws a bone here and there just to keep the bottom chain there, because without the weak the strong wouldnt feel strong.


Sadly this is the truth. The whole of the comnuity can try. But ultimately, altho I can conspire to compare the feh comunity to magics.

Its sadly more like yugiohs. A constant compliance of powercreep and the only ones whos opinion matters are not the ones who have the health of the game in mind.

Mostly i just hope we can have in house tournaments with our own rules and ignore the worst that the game is.

Because ultimatly, no one wants to hear that abusing the game is unfair.


It is baffling how people are just accepting this bullshit and just taking it. Even when the community have managed to create change multiple times.

Are people even wanting a good game? Or do people just want to play rock paper scissors whit tits?

I expected more from the players , it was a fun ride while it lasted


Yu Gi Oh is a great game. :smiley:

Sure there are some unbalanced cards, but this cards get most of the time a ban.

I’m so glad that “Sky Striker” is back.
Sadly i can’t revive my Trickstar / Sky Striker deck. :confused: (why got Firewall Dragon so a bad errata?! xD)

You can beat a META deck with a really cheap deck (under € 100,-), that is no problem^^

So where is the Problem? :smiley:

Ps. what decks are you playing in real life? :smiley:


The hardest thing in game design is the balance, for a one player game its kinda easy since you make a forced route of progression you get better gear the further you progress, on multiplayer games its another tale since there will be players that invest more time in the game than others.

Gachas use the P2W model of buy game currency with real money to gain access to superior gear over the F2P, the thing that makes gachas not P2W is that they make the access to the gear by an RNG but F2P only get limited attempts meanwhile P2P get unlimited attempts as long as they invest money in.

In the end by statistics P2P players have higher chance to be better than F2P, and that is how the system works and it works as a business model.

FEH is going downhill with the powercreep the slope wasnt so steep in the past, I dont have hopes for a positive change much less that the community gets together for a change, I can only watch and wait how it collapses into itself.


Sad trickstar died as it was an interesting concept. Burn decks are a blast of a punishment type

But skystrikers was a plaugue.

Not on lvl with pendelums before the “rebalancing” but very unfair as a meta.

I dislike yugiohs way of balancing because it answers balance by destroying previous metas with a ban list then releasing the same shit but worse in an effort to eat wallets


Yes. Im reaching the point where im going to have to accept it. Change, though possible, isnt wanted.

Edit: And me asking for it… For lack of a better term. Is “asking for it”… Comunity wise


While perfect balance is extreamly hard and probably impossible in most cases to achieve. This joke of balance is however the easiest shit ever to make more balanced. To the point it should be blatantly obvious that if the comunicate dont stand up against this shit the game will be unplayable, but seems what people want is hack and slash level of power whit tits


Yeah it seems, but people deserve what they get, we are a small group that cant change anything. Its sad seeing how it evolved into this.


We can though, at least if people wanted. But it clear people dont want that. And that sucks, i really liked the game. And the only reason im still here is cuz there is not really any game out there like this.
Mtga is the closest and i love it. And the balance and community have the health of the game in mind. But strategy and tactics are not really the same thing sadly


This 100% true. Imma join you an watch it burn. I mean. I was all up for a rebel yell this morning. Went all american with the “we the player base” battle cry.

But eeh. Guess I gotta be more kokomo.


I saw a view new Trickstar decks, that looks very nice. A new Support card will be released next week, that looks very very nice.


What decks are you playing?^^

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I quit yugooh a while back but I played mainly the Cardians (who trickstars murdered), psyframes, and before them a fierce mixed burning buring abyss.

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I know this is meant to be a joke post but

They may not make up the majority of players, but I do believe they make up the majority of spenders. As in, most of the money this game makes is from a small percentage of its total players. And someone else also mentioned that if you already don’t spend on this game then IS couldn’t care less about you. The unfortunate reality is they do care more about that minority of players who whale, not the majority who are f2p or light spenders.

Personally I’ve met some people who actually do like it, and find enjoyment out of seeing non whales struggle to keep up with or counter power creep. But maybe they’re a minority for whales. I certainly hope so anyway.


The issue with Feh is that IS doesn’t do actual balancing in this game. The closest thing to actual balancing updates are refines and remixes. But for everything else it’s just

  1. Release broken thing,
  2. Release counter to said broken thing.

These counters are basically always premium in of themselves too btw. And at least to me, this cannot be called a form of proper game balance. Releasing a counter to something does not make the original thing less broken, it just adds a way to mitigate it. And unfortunately all this stems from the very core philosophy of gacha games (and sadly a lot of games these days in general), which is the prioritization of maximum profits over actual game quality and balance. These companies don’t care if a game is an unbalanced mess as long as people keep spending enough. And like I said, this mentality is the very core of gacha games in particular, and has sadly creeped it’s way into a lot of other games with the rise of “games as a service” and live service games. Less and less games are being made because the developers are passionate about it and want to make something great, now it’s just about making as much money as possible.