Hello im new, help with surtr

hi all, im new here, is this a good build for my surtr?

thanks all :smiley:

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Wary fighter for b skill is probably better. The rest looks fine.


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I know this is pretty late but welcome to Gampress! At least the FEH side of it. I also see you have sorted out what your build was for Surtr, Which is nice.

He functions pretty well with distant counter(DC) and wary fighter is better on him so he can live alot of attacks. His boons and banes(Blue and Red highlighted stats in that order) don’t really matter since he’s a beast of a unit. If you find yourself needing to tank physical hits more than retaliating(Using him as a wall) you could always put Steady stance 4 back in his A slot and run a healer on the same team to keep him healthy.

Hope this helps, and don’t be afraid to ask the community anything…literally anything we get off topic all the time.


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I’d say change the seal for Close/Distant Defence or Def/Res Bond, as these help his bulk. For the B for now I’d say keep his base Wary Fighter. Assist can be whatever you need, though Swap and Reposition are good choices.


Hi new, help with surtr. I am Mask.


Why is Surtr an axe unit anyways, when the Norse legends all claim that Surtr carried a massive, fiery sword that would bring Ragnaròk to the world. And why is his axe his wife? :feh_maethink:


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