Help about the GSSR

I really want to roll on extra or lancer GSSR for my birthday, but if I get anything but the ones I want (Jalter, Eresh, Scathach, Hokusai) I will really fell bad, because i could have used that money on a new game or something far better for me, and if I get someone I really dont want or already have (tama lancer, enkidu, karma, dante, amakusa) i would probable get really pissed, like a lot, enough to drop the game for a week or so. So not sure about what to do, help :frowning:

Just on the off chance you weren’t aware, GSSR entry price will be reduced.

Think more “movie ticket” than “new game.” :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you should probably not roll, then. I never recommend rolling unless you are absolutely sure you want to.


I know that, that is the reason Im considering it, 30 paid sq was to much for me, 15 sounds good but only if I get want I want u.u
movie tickets on my countr are like 3 dollars xd, after 6 pm they only cost about 1,5 dollar xd, but I get what you were saying.

Im sure I want eresh, scathach, hokusai or jalter, xd but only those really, Extra is the only class were i dont have any SSR

Ah makes sense now. Still pretty expensive in currency conversion.

If you don’t want to risk a “bad” result, maybe best not to roll. Otherwise consider rolling in a category with no truly undesirable results for you if one exists, even if one of your top targets isn’t there.

GSSR choice is a balance between opportunity to get a desired unit and risk of …other results.

Frankly, if getting a bad result in the GSSR will legitimately affect your emotional state so negatively, I think you should avoid it. In fact, that being the case, I would question whether gatcha games in general are a good fit for you. These are games, they’re supposed to bring us joy, not anger.

Extra kinda, but I abosulety hate amakusa, dante and holmes are a nope, jalter and hokusai the ones i want, the rest are meh, but because its kinda expensive in my country I absolutely want the those two

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The GSSR can affect it because the 15 paid sq are kinda expesive here, expending that money here to getting nothing of what i want is what would be a pain xd

I think what cheeseman is saying is that if you absolutely can’t live with the result of getting 8/10 servants from the extra/lancer banner, you probably shouldn’t roll GSSR.
why spend money on something that is 80% guaranteed to make you disappointed?


Yes, exactly.

I think you are right there, I will skip it then, I dont think I will get the ssr I want but I prefer that than wating money for nothing here u.u

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