Help an f2p player with e- luck and e- skill

hi. so i started playing fgo in february, so i don’t have much high-levelled servants. i always rely on support, until shimousa and lb 2. im stuck at lb 2 sigurd battle and shimousa toMOE battle, and i confused to servants should i levelled up for finishing lb2(forced napoleon/brynhildr) and shimousa(forced musashi, duh). here’s my servants:


He is more than enough against Sigurd because of the support nature of his skills. You can bring Euryale for anti-male shenanigans. Sigurd can’t be charmed tho.

I can’t say the same to her though. This really made the duels a lot harder than it should have been.

Oh, and by the way, WELCOME

oh, ok then i will levelled up her first

lololol thank you

Just now noticed you have a Waver. I’m surprised he isn’t maxed level yet even though you’re now in LB. He’s arguable the best support for any team as he can charge your NP, increase attack, defense, crit and has some utility in his NP too.

Helena is also a great support and can also be put on any team as she has team battery, stars, and rainbow support. She can also clear waves and become more powerful after her NP upgrade.

Even just those 2, along with maxed Mash, and a friend DPS servant, it is already a good team.

Oh and also, try to NP5 your 3 star servants for best results haha

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You should max out Waver ASAP because he’s one of the best support in the game. After that, you can borrow a dame dealer from your friends.
PS: Waver + Helena + Seig can do some disgustingly powerful combos.

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You call yourself E luck and you have good servants, that’s lying


Claims E- luck, but has Waver.

… But doesn’t have Nero.


That waver will make life sooooo much easier for you. You must max him, you absolutely must.

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As has already been said, first priority is Waver.

For Sigurd, I’d be surprised if Napoleon/Robin/Waver can’t do it on their own. If you really need them, Euryale and David should be able to help.

Tomoe is more difficult. You’re in the same position as me, completely starved of ST lancers. Cu and Proto Cu are your best bets for now. There’s a bunch more forced Musashi fights though, and one Berserker/Rider combo in particular looks really tricky for you. Maybe raise Hundred Personas for them, just in case. Rama should probably be able to do huge damage to the Berserker too.

This right here is something I would like to 2nd . This fight will stress you out and cause PTSD if no careful and unprepared .

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And then DW brings them back as a memorial quest for you to remember them by. Smh


I only cried the first 8 attempts , I died inside after that.

Grail-Kun was my last resort!


Fighting Shuten Douji is like having to flip a coin to decide if you get to play, every turn. The added spice of a Rider-class Raikou randomly one-shotting your support casters is what really gives it that sh*t-sandwich flavor.


Hey OP, don’t mind us here talking about what you’re about to go through in Shimousa.

Hey @Chettmanly135 and @The_Cheeseman don’t scare OP guys

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Sorry sorry, the PTSD kicked in. I will take my leave.


It’s the prerogative of veterans to scare the young-ins with our war stories!

Now turn down that rock music and get off’a mah lawn!


I think of it more as to see how much our roaster has improved. Didn’t have to use CS this time because I have shiki in the backline :fgo_coffee:

I also seem to remember beating tomoe just by filling my lineup with lancers.

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i just get him after finished lb1 in story summon lol

now im regret for use 3* for feeding my sr. seriously

i already tried it for faarm embers. ahhh 3 turn farming



i guess i gonna farm materials, then

should i grail em?

Grailing has an incredibly low return on investment. There’s almost no reason to ever grail someone just to raise their stats. Grail for love, not for gameplay.

oh, ok then