Help AR-o astra team

Helllo everyone!
I need some help with my AR-O astra Team.
The team: Kronya max merged, Altina and Duma for scoring and support, L!azura and a bonus or legendary unit.
I regularly meet difficulties to initiate battle with Kronya…
So, i am thinking to a Virion with IP as a budget support for Kronya and special ready at turn 1.
Do you think it would be useful? Better canditates (budget) than virion ?

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do you have debuffs soaked?

tethys is a far better option than virion. with hp/res 2 in her A slot and seal, she can hit enough HP to pulse kronya if you want (although I don’t think it is worth it) and can run a sabotage in her B slot (sabotage def might seem redundant but it helps first combat. even spd or atk can work since I assume the lack of naga def buffs is hurting). also, she can give kronya another player phase after she applies debuffs.

she can also soak chill def, res, and spd effortlessly. it is possible to let her soak atk as well by giving her an attack +3 seal and having an atk asset.

I dunno what tier you are in but using Duma on offense and L-Azura outside of Water season is gimping your score. You’re not making it any higher than T20 with that team, no matter how well you do.

I also Kronya in Astra, and, to be frank, I’m also having trouble with using her well, particularly this season where I’m running into Hardy Bearing Ophelia, Dancer Micaiah, and Brave Veronica all on the same team over and over. And if not that, the Healing Tower is just impossible to snipe – Healing Towers gut Kronya’s power.

Virion is okay but if you’re just using him to pulse there are far better options. I agree with @Erkhul in that Tethys is a far more versatile option, since she can Sabotage the entire enemy squad using Temari and potentially Sabotage Def as well, and she can Dance. I use Tethys with my Kronya.

is your trouble using her typically from her first combat? if so, which stat(s) does she tend to lack?

As I said, it’s more of a matter of setups just not being conducive to her playstyle… Healing Towers immediately heal everyone to full HP and make her pretty useless, and I often can’t destroy them without the whole enemy team ganking Kronya or the sniping unit. I pick off HB Ophelia only for Atk/Spd Solo Veronica to get danced and attack her twice, killing her. Or Kimono Micaiah picks her off.

I’m really bad at AR in general and it stresses me out terribly so I’ve given up on actively placing high.

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Try building more teams than just Kronya. More often than not, there are lots of teams that have weaknesses exploitable by a certain tactic. Being more flexible with your teams can make sure you’re not overly stuck in a bad spot when certain teams hard counter one of your raiding parties.

Cheap tanks like Norne or Brunnya for example, who don’t necessarily need Close Counter to function well for tanks. Hit and Run with a ranged cav if you’re a bit daring with your AI knowledge. Galeforce if you have a lot of units that do if consistently.

gotcha. good defenses have definitely wised up to kronya over the past year - she used to be able to sweep teams almost effortlessly. fortunately though, you can pretty quickly see if a defense is kronya-able or not.

I do have other teams but I’m still getting creamed. I have a F-Ike who’s a fairly good tank except for the fact that Ophelia is so common and she annihilates him. I have exactly one (unbuilt 4 Star) Norne and very few Galeforcers… And Tibarn isn’t ideal for AR-O because he heavily relies on being counterattacked.
Brunnya’s on my “to build” list but gathering Grails is an extraordinarily slow process. This is why I’ve basically given up any hope of climbing ranks.

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Thanks for your replies!
Indeed, I generally achieve T23 and setups with unreachable healing tower and dazzling staves are quite common and I understand that building other teams is more relevant but I don’t know if I have the ressources for. Building 2 AR-O teams (light and astra) was no picnic…

For Galefore, I tried a team with B!Celica and Velouria and dancers but is was pretty inconstant.
I could make some use of B!Ike as tank (I use Sheena for light season)

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Don’t worry, there’s a lot of f2p units that fit the roles that you’re looking for if you wanted to invest and all you gotta do is look at your barracks and see how you can play things out.

For example, I only mentioned Norne and Brunnya because they’re fairly popular and mergeable, but that doesn’t mean units like Jeorge (Parthia refine is useful for AR-O) and Niles (Good statspread for Astra ranged tanking) or Kaze or a lot of other fairly similar units won’t perform similarly at max merges.

As for that galeforce comp, I won’t blame you for calling it inconsistent because Galeforce isn’t always applicable in every match, but you already have yourself two pretty decent galeforcers already.

Maybe you should read this guide:

Those two aren’t optimal out of the box, but Velouria and Infantry Pulse or Quickened Pulse is a pretty powerful way to give ANY unit 2-charge galeforce. It’s Navarre-levels consistent for the strategy.

Thanks ! I always looked with some disdain at these old bowmen :)

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