Help beating leonidas EQ

those are my servants, what are your recommendations?

Yeah you do seem to be lacking in the saber department. The EQ isn’t really that difficult as long as you have any buster AOE saber, mash, and a friend support merlin with prisma cosmos. Unless you plan on leveling up mash and sigfried for this exhibition quest you don’t really have any other options. I would level them up anyways since you will probably need them in the near future.

Since you don’t have Nitocris, you could try L11’s Void Shiki solo

or Honako Green’s budget Void Shiki team

Your Mash’s Level 47. That’s bad civ. :fgo_badciv:

If you need a saber shiki send request.
ID: 086 542 102
IGN: ArmlessKnght

Just tell me your IGN so i can accept you (just one friend slot left)

my ign is: axelgor

Accepted. Good luck :+1: