Help building a particular dagger unit?

I feel like I finally have all the pieces I need to put together a real offensive infantry dagger unit but I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out what combination of skills to use and on which unit. Anyone have some suggestions on how I could build a dagger unit using Special Spiral as a center piece?

I have lots of skills at my disposal so feel free to get creative and put together anything so long as it’s infantry (or heck, maybe you could sell me on armored?) and uses special spiral. Thanks and I hope this is a fun unit building exercise :ok_hand:

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You wanna build Larum? :thinking:

Cause unless you wanna do it cause you like her or something similar, there are much better options for an Offensive Dagger. Sothe for example, very popular pick.

Special Spiral is popular with AoE skills if you’re into that :feh_legion:


Or maybe like Glimmer or moonbow, it gets precharged by ouch pouch and is active every combat. Could be good, and if you really like Larum then it seems like the only really good option. Or and AoE with Heavy Blade

Oh really just used Larum cuz she’s the one I’ve been using as a canvas for these dagger builds and mine happens to be +atk. It’s just an example, yo.

Also while I’ve heard good things about Sothe, I don’t personally have an attachment to the character and I try not to use characters with prf/legendary weapons for these kinds of things. I just generally like inheritable weapons more because of their general flexibility and it’s just cool seeing character hold a new weapon y’know?

Feel free to put together a Sothe and show it here anyway though :ok_hand:

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Yeah I was thinking moonbow! Or even trading ouch pouch for barb shuriken and using Luna or another 3 turn proc, maybe even a more tanky with Blue Flame for that juicy true damage.

I have too much fodder. I just can’t make up my mind. :weary:

Kronya is probably one of the best users for SS since she has vantage in her weapon. She would appreciate CC more than life and death tho

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Fair enough I suppose :thinking:, Sothe’s PRF isn’t used all that often with him honestly, he’s better off with something like Barbed Shuriken. Something like this for example:

Essentially, he’s a colorless physical Ophelia with this build. Once he gets the initial proc on his Special set, not much is going to survive an initiation. Any Dagger unit with decent Atk can pull this off, but I picked him just cause he has the highest Atk of colorless Daggers in the low rarity regular pool. Up to you who does it.

There’s also the famous Broadleaf Fan and Vantage, but Special Spiral has no place there.


I refuse to use that murdering juggalo but go for it yourself if you’re down with that clown👌

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Yoooo this is genius! Thank you for reminding me that Hardy Bearing exists too, that opens the door to more options. :astonished:

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Naw, I hate her too. Just in terms of usefulness, she is up there

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Oh, I know what you do with Larum!
:feh_inherit: her to Kaze for Dragonslasher and Disarm Trap :feh_rein:
My Kaze has Disarm Trap 1 from S!Gunnthra so that’s why

Okay, but actually, Dragon Fang could work? But I feel like there’s better options for a special. Luna/Moonbow is probably what I’d use. Blue Flame is an option too but I prefer that on someone who’s using a bond build.
Far as A skills? Well, not much to say… Looks like you want offensive, so basically anything that boosts Atk/Spd is probably good. Um… yeah. Maybe that’s kinda helpful?


It’s funny you bring up giving Kaze a dragon eff weapon because I REALLY want a Kaze with splashy bucket and CC! I actually almost fed my Larum to Eir but I decided against it and fed her my bad IV Summer Elincia instead heheh.

Ye. I think for a general build I’m gunna go with barb shuriken and Luna, as for the A, well Igrene has Special Spiral AND LaD4 so there we go.

Thank ya!