Help building a teem

Hi I’m new to the forum, and kinda new to the game, I need help building a team and would be grateful for any help


Ps: I can only post 1 image since the amazing rules restrict me to 1 and I had to botch the title name since “title is already used” cheers

Hey, just letting you know that this site is somewhat inactive sadly, but I’ll help how I can with the team. Also you can upload multiple photos here.
On mobile (iPhone) you just need to keep selecting until your happy with your selection.
If your uploading photos from PC, you just need to select them when you choose a file (ctrl + click on each photo) then it will let you upload multiple files.

Since I only have this page at the moment, here are my thoughts.

You could make a decent rival universe team with Caulifla (pur), Hit (Pur), Dyspo (red), Toppo (Blu), Champa (Yel), and Kefla (GRN).
Kefla may not boost rival universe, but she does receive some good buffs from the others. You could also switch one of them out for Bergamo (red) who has some pretty nice buffs later on and his green card negates all attacks except rising rush (this includes green cards and ultimate attacks).

The only main disadvantage you would have is that some of the units are rather fragile and could get knocked out easily if your not careful. Toppo or Bergamo would be the only ones that would be a safe switch.

You could also possibly run a God Ki/Semi future team with Revival SSGSS Goku (Blu), Champa (Yel), Goku Black Rose (Red), Goku Black (Grn)(Becomes God Ki tag when you transform), SSGSS Vegeta (Pur) and SSGSS Goku (Blu).
Not all of them would get the buffs from Z-Abilities featuring future, but the overall power wouldn’t be that bad.
I would recommend trying to Zenkai SSGSS Goku though (Zenkai 1 is fine starting off, can get him either with just the daily discount or (if your able to) by exchanging medals for ultra space time rush).

You don’t have to soul boost Goku Black rose (Red), he is still somewhat okay in the early ranks but when you reach the 30’s, he is more used for his massive God Ki Z-Ability boost.

Goku Black (Grn) is still quite the formidable enemy for future or God Ki teams due to the absurd damage he can do and his combo power, however he is somewhat fragile, so careful when using him to defend.

SSGSS Vegeta (Pur) is somewhat mixed, he has some surprising strength and his blue card gives all your allies a stacking permanent 20% Blue card damage buff (can be cancelled however) on each use and his death mechanic is very useful for damage boosting and preventing the enemies rising rush.

Champa and Revival Goku are the only ones I’m not 100% sure of. Champa is quite strong with his damage output and his debuffs can really help against heavy combo teams. But he can not take hits at all. While I haven’t even got revival Goku, so not 100% sure on his overall advantages, except for taking a potential kill move and always coming back.

These are the two main teams I would suggest based on what I can currently see, hope it somewhat helps.