Help building Sophia

I got the feh pass because I really liked Sophia’s new art and I want to make her my next merge project. I don’t have close counter so I want to give her distant def 4 (I have a spare Caineghis). Is this a good idea?

To give Sophia DD4?
Uh, yeah.
If that’s all you needed to know I’ll be on my way

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Hunt for a +Def copy as your base if possible. Gives her some solid mixed bulk.

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Thanks. I just wanted to ask before going through with it because Caineghis is such a premium fodder that I want to make sure I’m not wasting him


Cool I’ll try

Cheap build.
She will get masive DEF/RES bonus without losing Atack. It also works with close physical enemies.
She is an anti-mage hero who can activate Iceberg while her enemies wont cause of Guard 3.

Bracing Stance is easy to get in free to play heroes like Conrad and Flame Emperor

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Don’t really know if this help but this build looks really interesting:

Caineghis is certainly good fodder but really there’s not many units that want DD4. Sophia can be one of those, so go ahead with it. DD4 is a good skill but doesn’t really have a place in a lot of builds because the a slot is heavily contested

But on to the point it works on Sophia so go ahead and fodder

Well here’s mine