Help Byleth (F) builds

So I need some help to build my F!Byleth decently now that we have the trait fruits. Mine is currently sitting at +hp -def so I was actually thinking about swapping it to either +atk -hp or +spd -hp. I also need some advice on some skill builds I gave to her. Should I run Fury 4 and Wrath or DC and Windsweep?

Is she the only character you have the Trait Fruits in mind for right now? Because her current IV is not terrible (her most important stats are not hurt) and Trait Fruits are so scarce that I find them a bit wasteful to use them on a 5 Star exclusive that doesn’t have a completely sucky IV.

I don’t particularly like DC on such a low Res unit unless you’re running her perma Miracle build (which includes Miracle, Mystic Boost, DC, and the Flashing Blade seal with as much Spd as possible) and I’m even more puzzled by combining DC with Windsweep. Windsweep (and Watersweep, for that matter) is a good skill for Byleth but I’d honestly commit to pure Player Phase when running it because she’s not especially bulky.

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There are a few other choices (like a Bernie with -spd that should be fixed asap, however she works really well as she is now so I’m not in a hurry to fix her), but I’ve found that my Byleth struggles a lot to survive as it is due to her flaw on defense so I want to fix it. On the other hand, I’ve been running her like a mixed unit so perhaps that’s the problem.

And I like DC basically because of this, I like mixed phase units. Fury 4 is a skill I particularly dislike, stats boost are great but having a recoil effect bothers me, tho I can make due with a healing special.

So if I want to commit to player phase I better run her with Fury and Wrath right?

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If it’s her bulk you’re struggling with, changing the IV is not going to help.

Your Byleth has an HP boon, so the extra 3 HP compensates for the -3 Def unless she gets doubled (and frankly, very little will be doubling someone as fast as Byleth since Creator Sword blocks forced doubles) and also gives her a slight extra cushion against magical attacks. By swapping her flaw to -HP, you actually give her LESS bulk than what she has now. And that won’t really help you if she keeps dying on you as is, will it?

Byleth is not a character built for high survivability unless you run the aforementioned perma-Miracle build, so to me, it sounds like you need to fix her build before you think about changing her IV.

Fury 4 + Wrath is good on a budget because she comes with it but I can understand disliking the constant HP drops from Fury 4. Brazens are a good compromise in this case, as they fall in close to the same HP threshold as Wrath and give a gigantic Atk boost ideal for one-shotting.

As mentioned, Windsweep and Watersweep are good skills for Byleth because Creator Sword allows her to double despite them normally preventing the user’s follow-ups. I personally would prefer Watersweep out of the two because Byleth has quite pitiful Res compared to her Def, but if you have another team member to take care of dragons, Windsweep is fine. You want all out Player Phase offense when running this since counterattacks get blocked, so something like Swift Sparrow 3 or Atk/Spd Solo would be ideal.

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I see, sounds reasonable actually. I currently don’t have a spare Swift Sparrow 3 so I’ll keep Fury 4 in the meantime and I’ll replace Sol with Luna when that happens. Thanks for your input!

Life and Death 3 can work as well as it gives a slightly higher Atk/Spd boost than Fury 4 at the cost of defense (which is irrelevant when you block counterattacks, Null C Disrupt notwithstanding).