Help calculating Sqz and Ticket earned until Archuria

As the tile says, i desire to roll for Archuria on her last banner this year.
And i would like to be sure to have at least a chance to roll her.
I would also like to get nito assassin NP2.

So, questions are:

1- from today till Archuria banner, how many Sqz and Tickets will we get?

2- How many Tickets and Sqz can i afford to use on Nito Assassin, so that i know when to stop in order to be able to get Archuria even if i do not get Nito Assassin?

When is her banner again?

End of August, 13 ML download

I don’t see her on the banner tho, it’s only Summer banner 1
Wait wrong banner

So her banner should be starting in August 29th, which is about 90+ SQ plus more due to Anniversary changes. If you save up all the tickets from now to there you should have more than 300+ SQ. Add in weekly missions then you’ll get at least 60+ SQ so that’ll make a total of ~ 360 SQ.

If you save at least 3 tickets per months from the shop that’ll make another 60+ SQ. Add in 50 SQ just in case of promotions and events then that mean a total of ~470 SQ + 5% just to be safe so that should make about ~493 SQ.

So about ~493 SQ(counting tickets as SQ, not counting free quests and new extra missions but you could get pass 500+ with them)

Archuria is the only 5* on rate up so you’ll have approximately ~67% chance of getting her with all those SQ.

Mmm…so probably i cant roll for nito assassin too, you think?

1 Like used this for a good estimate


I don’t know, you might get Archuria in the first roll or never will. Too much variables and possibilities

600 sqz and 45 Tickets. If i unlikely reach this sum, all the extra i get goes to nito

So effectively 735 SQ, you have a good chance to get both. Just make sure to roll when Summer Nito is on her solo rate up

Most likely i will reach only 500 or 600 Sqz, counting Tickets.
So…probably I will need to sacrifice Nito assassin. We will see

I recommend downloading and using either this SQ and ST calc, or the fuller program which it is based off if you want super convenient and exacting references.

I will mention though that this summer banner is also summer Nito’s last for the forseeable future, so keep that in mind.

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