Help changing my AR O team

So lately I’ve improved my Astra season defence team with Thrasir and, as far as it is now, I usually only get 1 or 2 defeats, so no more than -60lift loss. That’s cool.

But today I faced what I feared the most: some teams just wall me so hard it hurts me physically. And usually are Cav teams. I hate them when I’m not playing with B!Ike :feh_angrynino:
My Offense team is, this week:

  • Altina + Naga for blessings + bonus points and all
  • Corrin or Flying Olivia
  • Aversa
  • Matthew (carry)

Pretty straight forward team, but also really easy to counter. This past two weeks I get to the point of: or completely obliterate the enemy team, or they obliterate me. There’s no in-between term. This week I’ve finished my escape rope so I’m on the tight rope constantly (and I’ve already almost lost a battle, Olivia won the battle but alone :feh_elisad: ).
So I was thinking, should someone go out of the team? Altina and Nagi stay, and Matthew too since he is the carry. That leaves out two spots. I tend to use Aversa + Matthew and last spot goes for bonus unit, but this week is Altina so I can experiment a little bit more.

I find Aversa quite good and useful, but lately she’s not enough. As things are right now with my team, I feel like the chills I use and little buffs plus debuffs from Aversa aren’t enough for me. Then, I remembered someone! Mordecai.

The build would be pretty straight forward: his weapon + Shove or whatever is the skill that pushes you two spaces, DC in case Matthew fails to secure any kill, then his native B skill plus Spd and Res tactics in C and S slots. This way, if I fodder him Distant Counter, he will be able to support Matthew with buffs AND debuffs for the opposing team while walling any possible threat that is danced or killed Matthew. The problem will lie with the following astra season where I should think more about how to play with him (since I will be playing with a normal bonus unit), but that’ll come later.

I know it’s a pretty common build for Mordecai, but in case Matthew dies, Mordecai could finish off things nicely? Altina usually takes care of whatever is left, but sometimes people tend to use Hardy Bearing with inaccesible units so they kill Matthew and Altina really fast, leaving me to just accept my defeat.

So, poll time! I like polls

  • Replace Aversa with Mordecai (with DC)
  • Replace Aversa with Mordecai (without DC)
  • Don’t replace Aversa, you fool

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Thank you for reading through all of this, I hope you have/had a nice day :feh_legion:


If you’re having trouble with cav lines can’t you just not bring all your structures and then just straight up win?

That works for me


I don’t have much experience with Aversa but I’m pretty sure she should work well with Matthew.


problem with mordecai in astra is that he is melee and stuck with 2 melee mythics and a possible melee bonus unit. Getting the pots is sometimes not possible, and usually more difficult.


I’ve heard Matthew does better in Light season because he really likes that Eir Res buff – Broadleaf users like Sothe are just straight up better otherwise because their Attack is so much higher. If you insist on using him in Astra season, though, consider Tethys with Temari in place of Aversa or Olivia. A dancer and debuffer in one unit saves you space for someone else.


I didn’t realize this whole time Altina was a bonus unit and have been putting Sharena on my team :feh_azurafacepalm:


Corrin is a bit weird for a Matthew carry team, do you actually try to tank with him sometimes? It’s a bit weird but it can work if Matthew needs to tank some HB units.

Quite frankly though, my advice is to make other teams. Most of the time, other AR-O strategies have better matchups compared to each other and having multiple strategies allows for some leeway in your gameplay.

Also, perhaps consider building a team to combat cavlines? Ravens do decently (I’m really hoping Cecilia’s refine is a Raven with NCD to help new players) and B!Micaiah is a godsend against them. I don’t know how many buildings you bring but reducing the number matters a lot in reducing the pressure cavlines will exert.

Finally, I suggest making Altina a bit more supportive. She’s a bonus unit right now and I can imagine vantage tanking with her but other than that, you’ll usually prefer Altina giving support especially during matches where Matthew gets checked because it’s a high chance that Altina gets checked there too.


Got a B Micaiah?

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imo your best bet would be a tethys running fury, sabotage atk or disarm trap, and ploys imo, and using a mythic for buffs as needed. Tethys with a defense boon would be able to soak 3 chills from matthew, all except chill atk, which altina could take.


If you’re having trouble with Cavline, just use up to 5 team for each season, and create one team that counters cavline.

Raven tome such as F!Lyon are good units against Cavline. Strong dragons such as Winter!Sothis are aswell.
And more or less, any unit with DC and a decent enemy phase, as long as you keep in mind B!Lyn will probably be running Sacae’s blessing.

Altina herself is very good against cav line as long as she can retaliate (so keep her away from Staff / Brave Lyn ).
Depending on her build, Naga can take a hit or two. I’ve seen a few good player changing her weapon to help her soak debuff / become more bulky. I myself gave her Res-Refined water breath.


As everyone suggested, yes, I did remove almost all my structures. When I face a cav line I can hide usually all my units except for Matthew.

Yes, I have that feeling too, and she served really good until some weeks ago! But now I feel like she’s the one who is holding up my team. Dunno :feh_elisad:

Honestly? I prefer not breaking any pot rather than just losing always. When you lose, you don’t get anything from breaking the pots. And sometimes, pots are totally inaccesible :feh_angrynino:

Yea, but in Light season I use B!Ike, and with Eir patching his res just makes him inmortal as long as I play correctly. I have him at… +6 I believe, and as today, when I’m focused on how the enemy map works, I win all the time.

Ooooh, that’s good! My only problem with soaking chills is that I run Matthew with summoner support, so he has +2 to all stats, so he has the same stats as Tethys or higher. And I don’t have feathers enough (tbh copies either) to make her +10, so that’s a bad spot too. uuugh. But her being a supportive unit dancing and debuffing while buffing with tactics or whatever Matthew could work! Thank you!!

Now, specifically talking about cav lines…

My Naga isn’t built to take two hits, maybe one. But I can try to work around that. Mainly the problems are healers who I’m not able to counter and B!Lyn + Rein, who obliterate me. I can snipe one of them, but not the three or four that usually are. The melee units are commonly the less threatening in that teams. And Altina will be relegated probably to a more supportive playstyle as Z3K said. She usually can take one hit, but only from healers; Rein and Lyn win her easy.

I thought about it, but I don’t have enough orbs to try the gacha. I’m not feeling that lucky to get him, even though he would be ideal for that role precisely.

But I do have both of them! So I should replace the two “main units” with W!Sothis and a B!Micaiah? Naga+Altina, B!Micaiah+W!Sothis and lastly Bonus Unit, right?
By the way, which one would be better? +Atk or +Res Micaiah? I have both of them but didn’t merged anyone yet.

Usually Corrin is who soaks chills and support Matthew from afar. They both have support and with Corrin’s buffs Matthew can usually work around anything easely. But that was until a little ago, now he can’t do that anymore :feh_elisad: And yes, sometimes Corrin is just a bait tank so the enemy comes after him and then Matthew can start killing enemies.

Thank you all for your help!! You helped me quite a lot, really, thank you! :feh_hridexcited:
And sorry for making my posts so long :feh_hecstare:


Are you using all your raiding party slots? You speak of needing to replace units in that team as if you only play with one.


Build 5 proper teams of 4 units (leaving the last slot for the bonus one) for each season can take some time (i’m still working on it myself), but it’s definitely worth it, allowing you to adapt to each map.


Well… Yes, until now I’ve only played with one team in Astra, that’s mainly why I’m doing so bad now. Although now I have two teams, yay.

But yes, I’d better make some more teams since I don’t use B!Ike in astra and Jamke is for fliers in light/dark season.