Help Dante and Skadi Skill level for looping

I try to look this up on internet but couldn’t find anything. Skadi is coming soon so I want to do Skadi looping. I have Dante NP1. I would like to know how much skill I need to level up for each servant to enable looping. I currently low on QP so I don’t want to level up skill more than I need to.

Dante skill 2 lvl?
Skadi skill 1 lvl?

Thank you

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You’re going to want to max all of their skills. Especially with Dantes at NP1. DSS is not forgiving of low skill levels.


Mmm someone is counting their chickens before they hatch, i see. I, too, was once that optimistic.

Anyway, Skadi’s entire existence is hinged on her 1st and 3rd skill, so there’s that 2nd skill for not leveling beyond what you need to. That being said, you do need both the 1st and 3rd maxed. Especially the 3rd.

For Dantes, obviously 2nd skill. Should be maxed for sure, but Skadi’s 1st and 3rd is of higher priority. Don’t expect to loop anything without Skadi’s 1st and 3rd.

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It mostly depends from what I’ve heard. NP1 can sometimes be sufficient, but NP2 is of course preferable for the extra 25% or 33% Damage increase. I think it really depends on the enemies health pool though. Sometimes NP1 will suffice and other times it won’t so it’s a matter of likelihood rather than a straight answer to: Can I loop with this?”

(Someone with experience on JP will likely help out more in bit.)


For Skadi loops with Dante you need a Skadi 10/10/10 and a Dante 10/10/X, and probably a kscoup (a super scoup if you can)

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Yeah, as I understand it, Dantes is recommended for NP2+ mostly to meet damage benchmarks, since he never gets class advantage. Also why the extra attack from a SuperScope is highly beneficial.


NP1 is perfectly fine for farming assuming one’s also got Waver, which is why I said if I didn’t like him so much I’d be aiming to stop at NP1 (but nope I want him and Jarcher at high NP levels rip my not-whale self).

Neutral attribute 2K HNS* Fou’d Dantes, 2x Skadi + Waver:
No DEF Down: 68,652-83,797 (76,224).
1x Skadi DEF Down: 84,379-103,019 (93,699).
2x DEF Down: 100,107-89,410 122,242 (111,174).
2x DEF Down, his own ATK Up (used on W3): 126,319-154,279 (140,299), and 160K is the breakpoint for W3 farming. + 30% Plug ATK Up: 142,046-173,501 (157774).

NP2 Dantes
No: 85,690-104,621 (95,156).
1x: 105,349-128,649 (116,999).
2x: 125,008-152,677 (138,843).
2x + self: 157,774-192,724 (175,249).
2x + self + Plug 30: 177,433-216,752 (197,092).

Superscope NP1 Dantes (thus instead assuming 2004 or Arctic)
NP1 Dantes 2x DEF + 2004 50 NP Up: 143,598-175,509 (159,553)
NP2: 179497-219,386 (199,442).
NP1 Dantes 2x DEF + L4 Arctic 121,570-148,586 (135,078).
NP2: 151,963-185,733 (168,848).
Much of the time the remaining health can be deleted regardless because lol Merlin-tier Quick crits just numerically speaking (well actually superior, 50 Quick+100 Quick crit, so 200).

Naturally NP2 is often recommended for anyone you intend to use seriously/whatever, and various AOEs and particularly the Extra folks highly welcome NP2+ to varying degrees (Okitan needs it to not be potato, Kiara’s BG-compatibility gives her a lot of leeway but she still does appreciate it for assurance, Dantes really varies on what you’re most specifically asking for but IMO “Appreciates, not strictly necessary (for farm)”). Also backed up by others that have farmed with him at NP1, in fact I recall there being a streamer whose name I forget that’s just been farming using him consistently and probably roughly that.

Of course this is from the approach of Just Killing Things, numbers change if you’re wanting to minimize clicks or whatever but I’m not going to get into that either when it’s so varied, just the matter of him “needing” NP2 (I know you did say recced though), when that’s not strictly necessary. That said NP2 does open up various CQ cheesing crap, but that also assumed MLB BG and you can by and large just solo cheese that stuff if your only concern is “clearing” so I don’t focus on that personally. Also no frigging MLB BG.

Incidentally it’s for this reason I would LOVE if Jarcher were to get an NP RUQ that also came with a star bomb (or something else highly beneficial), since she needs much more to match his NP1 and she suffers from low ATK… but I’d hope to make her one of my main DPS’ and general Archers RNG willing. Please give her a buff DW. :sob:

* No HNS because you missed it (such as on my alt)? Well we get Tenkihime/HDP next year which is functionally the same so woot woot.

@ the topic: Maxed skills all around, maxed CE is often assumed in calculations too. The difference between L15/711 and L100/2K matters a lot.


I feel personally attacked. ;-)


(updated with Voyager etc)


Thank you very much for everybody answer. I guess there is no way around it. Just have to max skill, it just suck that it will took me a while before I can use Skadi system farming.

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I was unsatisfied with my response to you so I edited my comment and made it more thorough, btw. Anyway I’m well fond of that, so, no worry. ;-)

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why on earth would anyone assume you would need anything BUT max level skills
for things like this

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