HELP! Did I find a bug?! COVERING FIRE?

So I just Maxed a Covering Fire CE (lvl 30/80), and decided that it would work wonders on Jack. But watching her attacks many of the 5 hits on Quick were far less than 600 dmg (assuming she magically hit 0’s). These were simple knight MOBS but still she should be hitting 1000+ per quick being lvl 92 and having attack 1000/2000 no!?!?!
Didn’t notice if the crits were also bugged.
Let me know please cuz I’m tilted.

the +600 is flat across all hits for each individual card iirc, not +600 for each hit

so with covering fire, one of jack’s quick cards would do +600 flat damage total (unaffected by any buffs/debuffs on her) alongside anything else (affected by buffs/debuffs on her), not +3000 flat damage total


In other words,

Those types of CEs only add “flat” damage, meaning total damage per command card is whatever they normally hit + x flat damage from CE.

It doesn’t mean the the flat damage is added to the damage per hit, as that kind of mechanic would quite frankly break the game.

So if Jacks 5-hit Quick does 2500 damage normally, then equipping a CE with 600 flat damage would increase her Quick damage to 3100, nor 5500.

Sorry for ruining your hopes in finding a way to relieve FGO hell.
If it worked the way you thought it did, then more Masters would be doing it, and it would be more publicly lauded as an OP mechanic.


God I wish the CE’s effect worked the way you described it would make the Crimson Shadows CE actually good. Servants like Gil with high hit counts would do insane amounts of damage.

I mean it was useful during that crab cq, but yeah

Exactly what MUGI and Psi said. It’s not an additional 600 damage per hit. It’s 600 per command card.

Well I’m dumb.

Nah, I thought the same thing at first too. :fgo_illya: