Help for pvp

So…it seam like this part of gamepress community is quite … Quite.
Yet, I will try ask anyway, because here is the place I can receive more constant and appropriate answer. So tnx for taking the time to read.

What to say… Up untill now I have focused on pve, and now I am able to clear wyvern, golem and banshee 11. but I need to start some pvp, except I suck because I don’t know anything about pvp, and equipping an hero in this game is so seam hard.
So here’s my list of hero

Only few have equip, up to cerise, and even those are not the best. So, any help for a nice team?
I even need help for guild wars if possible

I forgot those guys

I’m no pvp king, but I have seen many videos about it.
People usually go for CR pushers such as ALots, to team up with high damage heroes like Cermia.
Basar + AoE DPS works too… Angelica + Heavier tanks.
Every team needs good supports to really shine, so I would focus on a couple of supports if you already have good dps.

I’m not on often, but hopefully this reaches you. Rose is a great unit for initiating in PvP with her Awakening and Exclusive Equipment. What is most important for her is to max out speed so she can push your dps. Looking at your other units, Vivian is great for atk buff and immunity to increase your chances of one shotting enemy units, and surviving any debuffs. Lilias is great for doing the opposite of Rose, damaging the enemy and lowering their CR. Kayron with good gear can really dish out damage and refuses to die. Yuna and Cermia do amazing damage, plus Cermia can ignore def.

What really matters is recognizing what the enemy units’ skills are and planning your counters.