Help: How do I unlock the Stormy Sea Case Files Quest?

Quick question for the case files event. I’ve completed 83/100 missions and all available Reminiscence/etc. quests, however I don’t think I’ve met the Dark Sea requirements, and the Gamepress walk through just says “do it” without showing unlock requirements. The mission reward log also isn’t giving me an indication. These are the current quests i have available:

40 bone enemies
40 Winged insect enemies
60 wild beast enemies
15 saber servants

Help is appreciated!

I have these available as well but already unlocked stormy sea and completed it so idk what you may or may not have done… I also didn’t follow gp guide so…

Yeah I haven’t used the guide either bc this event has seemed straightforward. Now apparently I’ve backed myself into a wall… :/

Also I’ve completed Stormy Sea, but it says I need Dark Sea to progress

my approach to troubleshooting mission event progress is to work backwards, starting on the mission you are looking to complete.

If I understand properly, you need to complete the Dark Sea quest, which is unlocked via mission 5, which is itself “Clear Stormy Seas, Spaceship, White Wall, and Red Bridge Quests”. If your remaining missions from the OP are accurate, you should have all of those unlocked, so you need to do those before the quest unlocks.

I’m interested in what the exact message you have that says you need the Dark Sea done, since if it looks like this:

That’s just the time gate. It doesn’t unlock until 9pm Pacific time, whether you’ve done the Dark Sea fight vs corrupted Benkei or not.

This image should theoretically be in the upper left corner of the event map for you:


If that’s there, whether looking like this or having a quest on top, then you have the Dark Sea quest unlocked and/or completed already.


To clarify further, Dark Sea is the battle against “?” class Benkei, titled 7th Singularity on the map. Iirc I got it after completing Mission 5.


You’ve already done it if those are the only available quests left. Couldn’t complete the “20 reenactment quests” without it.


Oh! Gosh, I feel silly. Yes I have completed the “?” Class Benkei quest, so I must just be time-gated.

I wasn’t paying close attention to the quest names and so when the notification said “Must complete the Dark Sea Quest; 2/3 locks completed; opens 5/5 […]” I thought I must have missed something but didn’t know what.

Thanks all!


Stormy Sea unlocks after you do Mission no. 61: “Defeat 15 Lawful Servants”

Use this to help locate the enemies you need to defeat: