HELP! I cant battle Giovanni

Hi. First time posting here because I need some help. I battled Giovanni once when he was at the end of the research encounter. I CANNOT find him since then. Do I need to beat his gym leaders again before he pops up again? Any advice would be appreciated

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You need a Super Rocket Radar in order to fin Giovanni. If you do not have one there is no way to get one currently.

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I have the rocket radar, but how do i get the SUPER rocket radar?

If you do not have one there is no way to get one currently.


You could only get it from the reasarch tasks… and the last one we got was before the Covid problems began.

The other posts answer this, but most of us are in the same situation as you … waiting for a new opportunity to battle the big G. And of course waiting for Rocket Team Leaders to get new (and presumably better) lead Mons for us to catch.

ooooo. I thought i was doing something wrong. Thanks for clarifying!

It’s actually in Go Fest and one of the weekly July events.

The normal quests we got for free ended in March, I was refering to:

Looming in the Shadows 11/2019
A Challenging Development 12/2019
The Take-Over Continues 01/2020
A Professor’s Work Is Never Done 02/2020
The Shadowy Threat Grows 03/2020