Help, I’m stuck inside of a pickle :catroll:

Hi there :catwave: , I can finally spark a unit from the new heroes banner, but I just cannot seem to make up my mind. Every time I think I know who I want, I start having doubts and I’m getting nowhere, so I would like to ask for your help.

I will most likely end up keeping either of the units because I like both of them, but there is a chance that they may be foddered at some point.

I want Sara because she:

  • Is a very capable unit (Kia staff and good stats)
  • Has spectacular fodder value (push 4, return, joint drive)
  • She will greatly improve AR defense set-ups (with winter Bernie)

I want Asbel because he:

  • Is also a very capable unit (Grafcaliber and good stats)
  • Has good fodder value (fury 4 and nfu / oath)
  • Will help counter blue threats like B! Hector, and can have quickly charged specials (slaying green tome with null follow up)
  • Sara
  • Asbel

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Thanks in advance!

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I would say Sara, if only because IMO capable healers like her are much more rare than capable green tome users.

As for fodder, just get what you need. If you don’t know what you need/want for a build, then that doesn’t really help since as you pointed out they both have good fodder options. Hence, unless you have a recipient/build in mind I wouldn’t worry about fodder much (between the two, since they are both stacked)


I probably should have clarified that earlier, sorry for the confusion.

Sara would give atk/spd push 4, Return(+), and joint drive res to Rhys.
Asbel would give Fury 4 and Spd/Res oath to Rinea (I may consider null follow-up instead)
I would use both equally, so I really do not have a preference as to their inheritable skills.


Still say Sara then, as other have asbels options, but only Sara has return.


Thanks for your input! I will most likely choose Sara.

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you probably decided. - but i would have picked Sara too.

I would give Rinea a joint drive over a an oath (i mean an oath can work)
She has the fury tome. (if you change the tome fury 4 would be good as well) - but he’s just a green mage (a really great one) - and chances are hell have a banner.

Sara’s a healer. Healers and Dancers are persecuted lol it’s so rare that they have banners


It took me way too long to find this buried in my phone

pickle idunn


I actually haven’t sparked yet, but I’m definitely choosing her now. I think I will give Rinea joint drive speed at some point, thanks for the suggestion. Thanks for participating everyone!
And TMFM :eye::lips::eye: