HELP! I really want to test Ares DC + Vantage combo

Hi, I want to give my Ares a DC build, im not spending $$ in this game, but i was able to get a Byleth (M) and Nailah, those units have DC, i only have one copy of each. If you have to use one of this as a fodder, which one would you sacrifice???

Definitely would fodder Byleth. Nailah has Null-C Disrupt and Distant Counter, but Ares cannot inherit Null-C Disrupt because he is a cavalry unit, so foddering Nailah to him would be effectively wasting Null-C Disrupt.


To add on, be sure to add Odd Spd (you have access to Chill Spd through Panne via Grails) and/or probably Ruptured Sky. (maybe DC, Odd Spd 1&2, and Ruptured Sky to get the most out of Bylad)

Also, welcome to GP!!

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I’d fodder M!Byleth, you could add his special and give it along or add the [Odd Spd Wave 3]/[Chill Spd 3] (probably not the chill since you’re giving Ares a [Vantage 3] skill), it’s your call!.

Keep Nailah, she has the very rare [Null C-Disrupt 3] which is strong for taking on units that disable counters in EP, so you can fodder DC with it!

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I wouldn’t fodder nailah for the reasons above, but don’t bother with ruptured sky on ares. He gets more use out of 3 CD specials like Draconic Aura and Luna. Ruptured sky at 2 is wasting his weapon’s full potential.


You can always just play with Vantage without DC and see how you like it :birbpeek: