Help. I've got the urge to something crazy. Need advice

It may be in part because I’ve been losing steam on the game (horizon forbidden west literally stole every possible second it could, but now its beaten and I can breathe a little easier). BUT I’ve got a crazy idea in my head that I kinda wanna go for. And am looking for a bit of feedback and maybe some suggestions.

I love my greil, been a favorite for forever. Got his forma. He’s sitting at +5 (got 1 merge from current banner, hoping for more). But he’s been laid to the wayside recently and I’m hoping to bring him back.

I got a Lucina and an idunn but I don’t have a strong urge to use either. And I’m wondering about letting my man Greil have them.

What do you think of something like this?

I think I added the buffs correctly. Is stacking speed as crazy as it feels? Is there a good support partner who’d make him even speedier with their weapon or unique skills? Or just go for unit with a joint spd thing?

And would atk/spd push 4 be better than bond?

or go for a more standard thing?

Maybe just further stack atk/def and help him get auto-followups?

Let me know your thoughts. How wild and ridiculous is this?


He really does not have the speed for Lucina’s fodder.

As for Idunn…she herself will just be a better unit (and I like Idunn), but as a favorite killing her for Greil isn’t a terrible idea.

Lacking a PRF is going to hurt him, and I would recommend steadfast axe or spirited axe instead. Both offer significantly more than rearguard. Steadfast would negate important debuffs, and spirited would add cooldown accel. I would recommend steadfast, since it works better with this kit, and for cooldown support would use the seal slot or an ally.


I think as above.

Regarding the build the same result can be achieved with different skills if you don’t want to kill Idunn, like instead of wily fighter you can run Close Def 4.

There are definitely better weapons than rearguard, like steadfast or even spirited axe, tho the lack of PRF is concerning.


A +0 Valentine Lucina will outperform Greil at everything because not only Lucina has a perfect base kit but her weapon is really strong. Not to mention that she will eventually have a refine one or two years down the line so unless powercreep becomes even more rampant than it is now then she will age just fine.

And Ascended Idunn… she is a dragon Brave Hector, and will age better because again, she will receive a refine. Unless you are talking about OG Idunn… which she is very close to get a refine and honestly she has aged well too.

If this was a topic for Black Knight then it would be a different story since he has quite strong stat spread, has a decent refine and black luna is still bananas.


No. With his Axe and the save he’s looking to benefit from the bond VERY regularly, so all the fun without the recoil (yeah one is A/S and the other is S/D, but particular stats asside a Bond is infinitely better here).


So jelly :catsob:


My question is how you went from 25 to 45-46 visible. I can figure out maybe 40 at the most, but 45-46?

If you actually get that far I’d say absolutely, yes that’s an option. You don’t even need phantom spd. Just switch to springy axe and keep the kestrel stance 3 that Lucina comes with, use atk/spd form or bond instead. Support with WF Hinoka or B.Lucina (assuming far save also). Hinoka maxes at 15 spd 11 atk 4 def plus 4 more to atk or def, which is greater than Lucina’s 9spd 3atk 3def, but Lucina also provides drive breath and saves you trouble against the rare C feud melee unit. Even if you only get to 40 visible speed before buffs (works even better if you get higher) that’ll be fast enough.

I would still warn you that there’s a high tisk of him somehow losing the ability to play like that, some future development. But in the current game there’s really no clear reason why not and it looks like it would work really well. He can even tell off the windsweepers

I think they’re cheating and adding invisible buffs to the visible total, or just not mentioning Mythic support

By my calcs a +Spd Greil with a Spd refined weapon at this merge and flower count has 29 Spd to start. The only way they’re hitting 45 visible (before the visible buff) is with 4 Spd boosting Mythics


I have to say, though, seeing it attempted on Greil has inspired me. These here are legit and seem tankier than unmerged Lucina in AR once the supports get going

Flame Emperor can one-round some L.Sigurds with an ignis which requires B.Lucina/Thorr

Definitely using that buffs aspect a bit loosely. I was counting up everything those skills/seals, and having a support partner would give him. So it’s more like in-combat stats I guess (not taking into account what opponent skills might do of course). I counted the phantom speed in getting me to that number.

I don’t honestly go too hard on AR-D so I often forget about mythic support. So that wasnt included at all.

I appreciate all the feedback and ideas y’all.

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To slow for a speed build. I would look into a Unity Build if you have a Unity to spare ofcourse. (They are so hard to come by.

Well I managed to score the copies I needed.

Still got that itch, but I havent scratched it (yet) lol. I did get a 2nd copy of fjorm that I might be able to get some goodies from haha.

Anyone think there will ever be an A/S near save?