Help making a team for the ML Clasisc

This is the only League were I haven´t a full powered team so I´m searching an advise. I don´t have the resourses to powered up tons of pokemons but I could focus on few pokemon combinations but I need your help on this.

TOGEKISS 100% IV, lvl 40 double atk.
ARTICUNO 15/15/13 lvl 40, 1 charged move IB
GENGAR 100 IV, CD moves lvl 40, SP/SB
MEWTWO 12/13/10 lvl 40 (my first one, I have no maxed other because the terrible lucky that I have had on the IVs). 1 charged move - Shadow ball

GARCHOMP 100% IV, lvl 35, double atk
LUGIA - 14/15/14, lvl 35, shiny, but would be with 1 move because the lack of candies
GIRATINA-O (15/12/12 - lvl 35, single atk but would be with 1 move because the lack of candies
METAGROSS (15/13/15 - lvl 35, single atk) – on this I have another Metagross with better IV (15/14/15), but lvl 20, should I maxed this istead for the PVP?

Last team: Togekiss / Giratina O / Metagross

I was thinking on: Togekiss / Garchomp / Lugia becuse they have the best IV but I´m not sure if that team will work. Another recomendations?

another options to max:
Darkrai - 14/15/14 - lvl 35 , shiny, but would be with 1 move because the lack of candies
Rhyperior - 15/14/15 - lvl 35 CD moves
Rhyperior - 100% IV - lvl 30 but without CD moves
Yvental- 100% - lvl 35 , but would be with 1 move because the lack of candies
Gyarados - 100% IV - lvl 35 CD moves
Dragonite - 15/15/14 - finally a good one after lot of years … but it have a CP =1081

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Dialga is around the corner. You won’t go wrong with it.
For those mon in your list, I’d recommend Dragonite, Garchomp and Togekiss, to a lesser extent Gyarados and Metagross. The others aren’t worth due to poor IV, lack of second charge move, or just not suitable for PvP.
If you have some team combinations in mind, you could check the viability on PvPoke. Hope these help, and good luck with your MLC battles!

There’s a lot of popular teams that you have 2 out of 3 Pokemon for. Dragonite/Melmetal/Metagross for one but you’re missing Melmetal. Dragonite/Excadrill/Rhyperior but you’re missing Excadrill. Togekiss/Giratina-O/Groudon but you’re missing Groudon.

You might be able to get away with Dragonite/Rhyperior (Superpower/Rock Wrecker)/Metagross.

Garchomp (mud shot for steels) togekiss Lugia as an ABB team would be not that bad

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@Elastic_Space Yes I will try for some of those but I have no high expectations about it because my lack of lucky on the IVs. Dalgia is powerful but also is no one of my favorite pokemons designs.
I have a 14/14/15 Excadrill (lvl 30) it could be an option but I didn´t know if the IV would be fine or I should wait for a 100%, and a 15/13/15 drilbur but its lvl 15.
about METAGROSS the 15/13/15 would be enought or should I rise the 15/14/15. Both have the CD move.

Thats what I was thinking because they cover each others, I could work on those pokemon as an option more because two of them are hundos.

I will check also Dragonite, Gyarados and Metagross (if i decide wich one should I powered up).

I’m no PvP specialist but I’m still very much a sceptic about worrying about 1 or 2 points in IVs. For these reasons:

  1. Type/moves/base stats matter far more, if you’ve a 96% ideal typed candidate, that’s better than a hundo that lacks synergy

  2. If you have a 96% IV, how many people will have something of the same species but better?

  3. How long will it take you to get that hundo when you could spend that time/pass etc hunting something else that offers use/variety/cover elsewhere?

  4. The overall difference in performance between 96 and hundo is maybe 1%, or less.

The thoughts of an amateur PvP player, so if I’m wrong, doubtless people will tell me about it.


I would go Rhyperior Mud Slap/Rock Wrecker+ Surf, Dragonite + Giratina Origin. Rhyperior cover Dialga, Melmetal( Dragonite dont like it). Vs Togekiss if bait, can get both shields or 1 shield and KO, because rarely opponent want go down 2 shields for zero. Basically Mamoswine solo this team, if double shield. Both Dragons cover Rhyperior weakneses outside Ice. Origin can be replaced by Dialga( even better), Palkia or Zekrom.

@toonmilo im no expert either, but for popular mons in the master league, the attack iv is very important because of charge move priority, meaning if theres two dragonites at level 40, the one with the higher attack iv launches the CM first. this is more evident on mirror leads. But that can decide a match, so a stamina iv probably wont change much, there might be a bulkpoint in certain match ups for defense ivs, but the most notable differences is in attack ivs. my two cents

While that’s true, it still decides only a low amount of matches. Same holds even more true for other IVs of course.