Help making a team haha

Most of my people… i know i can make teams but what would be the best & most optimal as of now. I need to focus on one team instead of being all over the place :frowning:

I see 3 good options with your box :

Saiyan team : Fighters - Vegito LF, Goku LF, GT Vegeta ssj.
Bench - Raditz, Bardock ssj, Goku ssj red

God team : Fighters - Goku blue, Vegeta blue, Whis/Vegeta god
Bench - yellow Beerus, EX Raditz

BBP team : Fighters - Goku LF, Goten LF, Bardock ssj
Bench - GT Vegeta ssj, EX Raditz, Goku kaioken (blue)

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Just make some saiyan team with most bonus that will be best as I can see

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Thank you :pray:t4: i dont Always have much time to grind so im doing my best

Ill try it out thanks

Can you help me with a team?

Sure, just show your box