Help me build a Blue Tiger-man pt.2 :feh_special:

After a landslide victory

Here’s how he’s looking

Onto the poll (just using the beginner special of each line with the special exceptions of Galeforce and Aether, and all AoEs grouped together).

  • Aether
  • Daylight
  • New Moon
  • Galeforce
  • Night Sky
  • Retribution
  • Dragon Gaze
  • Glowing Ember
  • Chilling Wind
  • AoE
  • Buckler
  • Holy Vestments
  • Miracle

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Note: Whichever line wins he will get both upgrade versions if available, so for example if Chilling Wind wins (but why?) he will get both Iceberg and Glacies. For AoEs he will get a rising and blazing variant based on available (may not be the same line).


Me, looking for the “vote” button in the poll

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Just make your selection and it should be good to go.



What content do you plan on using him for?

In any case, Mordecai really doesn’t need much of anything to do his job, he’ll rarely see combat unless you actually want him to tank physical hits. I use him pretty often and for most content (assuming you are using him as a support), just slap a link skill or a chill in his B slot, a chill in his S, and bonfire, and any c skill you want. He’ll be good to go for pretty much anything.

If you want to use him as a tank too, a breath or stance skill and qr does the trick.

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I don’t really have a specific use for him, this was more to clear all the 5* copies out of my barracks, and give him a build beyond his base kit. Just thought I’d be interesting to see how things end up doing it this way.

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Heh. I use him a lot. Any team that has a mixed tank on it you can throw him in and he’ll do his job.

happy smiting

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Why would you ever build Mordecai with any asset other than +Spd? :elisad:


Definitely use Ignis. With 47 Def without buffs, he’ll be hitting extremely hard.

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I’m building him based on votes to see what happens, I like his utility (that’s why there was no vote on Assist/weapon -not that beasts really have weapon options) but overall not a fan of how beasts work in Feh. That said, once he has a build (no matter if it’s terrible or great), I’ll try him out on a variety of content, and go from there.

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He doesn’t benefit from a beast/dragon team at all if you are using him as a smite/buff bot. He does benefit a bit from one if you plan to use him in combat though, but still not as much as other beasts do.

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