Help me build a team please <3

Hello guys can someone please help me build a team?? Im a F2P player and i dont have many characters.
Ty for your time :slight_smile: Love u

Thats all!! :slight_smile:

Yo, has anyone helped you with building a team yet?

Nope :frowning:

Cool have you tried looking up Team tier list for DB legends?
Edit: also how long have you been playing legends?

From a glance the best team comp i can come up with is Super Saiyan Gogeta (red), Super Saiyan Gogeta (green), Super Vegito (purple), Shallot (light), Super Saiyan Goku GT (Green), and Super Saiyan Gotenks (purple). This team comp is Essentially a skeleton comp of the Z tier Fusion warrior comp, Just make sure to go though story mode so as to rank up your Shallot to make him a strong core Unit.
P.S: Look up DB Legends Team Tier List, it’ll give you a good idea of teams you can make and units to aim for.

Ok ty very much, i have been playing this game for a month btw