Help me build da baby Lyon

Once I have another 20k feathers (that I’m already farming for by grinding through Normal & Hard Chain Challenges) I will have finally +10d da baby boi :feh_roysmile:

Now initially I planned to put Mirror Stance 3 or Bracing Stance 3, Null C-Disrupt and a Joint Drive on him.
Since I neither have fodder for one of the A-skills nor for NCD, I had to settle with this for now:

…and I gotta say…he is scary!
When auto-battling through Chain Challenges basically only Lyon survived and tanked like noone else. I am already so excited to use him in arena jn his bonus season and in AR-O once he’s finished!

Here’s a meme before you go telling me what skills to aim for eventually:

I’m especially at a loss for what Special to put on him - I mainly plan to use him in AR-O (Astra season?) and general content clear/challenging maps


Honestly, what you’ve got there is solid while you wait for a Stance. NCD is good if you’re going to use him in AR-O, for sure, but the Lull will do well until then, and will be more generally useful. You could do a Unity skill in A as well, but I think the Special denial of a Stance is best.


Looks awesome, I was considering pulling for him. Reminds me of BHector, seems pretty similar to me. Except hector denies follow ups, Lyon can get null C.


My build so far- saw some with mirror stance as well.
Still unsure on my c skill so that’s temporary
He’s so tanky. Rarely loses except to strong greens

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Oh, Close Counter and Close Foil are also options, and I run CF on my OG Lyon. Y!Lyon isn’t as locked into a niche as a ranged counter as F!Lyon, so you could do this with him as well, to make him a better omnitank. If you do, I highly recommend CF over CC. The extra stats are great, and most dragons in AR are simply not enough of a threat to Lyon to be that worried about countering them.

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Ohh yeah also, I would recommend Astra season. It’s much harder to have that solid mixed bulk in astra, the high Res is harder to pull off. Much easier for other tanks in light season, natural high Def and a few Eirs.

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I was considering Close Counter or Foil but don’t know if it’s worth inheriting granted I want a dual Stance eventually :feh_eirikathink:
Also, I really like the +6 to Atk/Res from his inherent solo for now.

@MiThiKaL I was also thinking about At/Def Unity but as with CC, I don’t really know if it’s worth

Thanks for the tip!
My Light season has F!Lyon already anyways and I feel F!Lyon doing a similar job but being green is better in Light season

Wait I just realized Seiros is an anime mythic and pretty common nowadays, should I switch F!Lyon to Astra season and Y!Lyon to Light for Líf and Sothis matchups?

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I super agree with this- I run my F!Lyon in Astra currently, and one big benefit of having a high-Res tank in Astra is that everyone and their mother runs Seiros. A high attack, high-Res tank like a Lyon can handle her easily. If you’re already running F!Lyon in Light, maybe move him to Astra and try Y!Lyon in Light instead, as F!Lyon won’t have color disadvantage against Thrasir, and will have color advantage against Seiros.

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Ah okay, you basically suggested what I was thinking about rn :D

May I ask how many orbs this took?

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Yeah! And you’re right- Y!Lyon will have better matchups against Lif and Sothis. F!Lyon struggles the most against red swords like Lif.

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Way too many… I was really unlucky with my pulls…
Took me over 650 orbs… but I also accidentally deleted 2 Lyons - I made a thread about that a few days ago…
Had I not deleted those 2 copies, it still would have been about 600 orbs.
But it was well worth it. I love using him!

However, I got 3 Duo!Eirikas, 4 Y!Tanas and 1 L’Arachels in the process who I all really wanted so it was worth it in the end


I had somewhat better luck than poor Daemon, and finished my +10 in a little over 400 orbs.


400ish orbs here too.

I’m considering a similar build to yours as I only have one NCD fodder and I kinda want to give it to Micaiah first, while I just got pittybroken by a Marianne going for Lyon so I have the Lull available.

I need to compare match ups with those two, but I have a feeling Micaiah edges Lyon due to effective damage.

Just a question, where does Lyon get the - 9atk/res from? Isn’t his weapon giving buffs instead of debuffs?


Do you think it would be worth it for me to fodder NY!Alfonse to Y!Lyon for CC and SS? Or should I wait for CF?

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Sorry I hopped in bc I am also building Y!Lyon and do not know how to build :catdance:

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From what I see, his weapon inflicts -6 Atk/res and the lull -3 Atk/res. Enemy = -9/-9

+6 Atk/res solo, +4 res from drive. Lyon = +6/+10

Maybe lull res was factored twice?

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You certainly could, though I’d personally be reluctant to fodder a Duo unit. That said, SS and CC/CF would make him a very good revenge killer with something like Iceberg.


His weapon is giving -6 ATK/RES and colorless effectiveness (and +3 ATK but meh). Add another -3 to ATK/RES from Lull and that’s an effective -9!

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