Help me building Athena (AR-O)

Hi, since Athena got a refine I was planning on building her for AR Offense. I want her to be in a Galeforce team with Naesala.

I have a spare Brave Eliwood to fodder to her. I know with this build I won¡'t be using the Wo Dao effect on her blade but whatever. What do you think?
The plan is to fly next to Naesala and then trigger Galeforce. Naesala uses also Galoforce.

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A unit with a slaying effect on their weapon would work better. Unless you do Flashing Blade in A slot and Quickened Pulse in S

No escape route ?

Oh I see,missed this part

I thought she is capable of taking 1 hit and trigger Galeforce and then use the desperation effect to kill someone else

Isn’t she just better for AR-D with that effect on her weapon? If they wait for bolt tower or something she activates desperation , and wo dao effect deals true damage, thats annoying for any tank. You could even stack true damage.
I don’t really know much about AR but this seems ok to me.


You won’t always be fighting units who can counterattack you. If you see a ranged unit you’re screwed. And AR has a ton of ranged units